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    What I have found as I promote the Prophetic Word, is mainly a desire to avoid any mention of what the future may hold. They simply do not want to know.

    Those who do have some interest in their future usually have already made up their minds as to what they want God to do for them. Mostly that means being taken to heaven in a ‘rapture’. This Satanic lie has fooled millions.

    People who do believe in an end times scenario; Preterism, Spiritualization of the Prophesies, or whatever, are made incapable by God of understanding the truth. Isaiah 29:9-12, 1 Corinthians 3:10-20

    All this is part of Gods Plan, of course. Even though what will happen is plainly stated by all the prophets and available to read in our Bibles, most are just unable to comprehend it.   So when the sudden and shocking Day of the Lord fiery wrath comes and be sure that it will come: then the fiery test will hit them. 1 Peter 4:12   All who call upon the Name of the Lord and stand firm in their faith, will be saved.  The rest not so good; Jeremiah 25:33, Isaiah 66:15-17, but most people will survive by keeping under shelter. Isaiah 2:21, Revelation 6:15-17

    About 10 years later, Jesus will Return and commence His Millennium reign.

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