The Power of Godly Imagination – Choose to Focus on Him" – by Barbie Breathitt

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    The Power of Godly Imagination – Choose to Focus on Him” – by Barbie Breathitt

    People have been taught that the imagination is evil or ungodly, but everyone uses their imagination in some way every day. Sometimes we worry, imagining the worst possible scenario taking place in our lives, and our dreams reflect this attitude. One is never as fortunate or as ill-fated as one imagines. We must learn to live out of a godly imagination, not from our painful history. Most people fearfully focus on the problems that haunt their life rather than magnifying God, who is the creator and giver of life.

    Ways to Use Our Imagination for Good

    When we magnify God, He becomes bigger than the problems we face. When we prayerfully focus on God, He is drawn into the situation. When the light of God’s presence comes, we are delivered from the darkness of difficulty, sin and sickness. Jesus rebuked Peter because he was not setting his mind on God’s interests, but on man’s.

    Prayer is communing with and seeking God with our whole heart. Prayer is speaking forth God’s plans and focusing on His purposes for our life. God’s plan is to totally restore us, prosper and give us a hope and a bright future.

    Prophecy, which is the testimony of Jesus (see Revelation 19:10), is able to open spiritual gateways to give vision for the future. When the hearing of God’s Word is infrequent, vision is rare. When we hear and obey God’s Word, allowing it to conform us to His image, we become visionaries and achievers of His Word. When we walk in His likeness we are able to cast vision.

    When people do not hear God’s voice, they lose hope. Without a vision people perish. Hearing God’s voice and seeing His plans releases hope for the future. Vision is God’s blue print to prosperity. When we magnify God and call upon His name, He supplies the needed answers and delivers us from hopelessness and all fear. God, and God alone, holds the solutions to the difficulties of life. Imagination can help us visualize and discern the greatness of God so we can walk in His shadow all the days of our life.

    Choose Where to Put Your Focus – Whatever We Behold We Become

    Whatever we focus on we will empower, be it positive or negative. Whatever we study or center upon we will draw into our realm of influence or experience. Job said it this way, “That which I feared or saw happening ahead of time has come upon me” (Job 3:25). The imagination has the ability to draw constructive elements or destructive forces into our life. What we think on will become evident and visible. Whatever we behold we become.

    To truly prosper we must fill our minds with God, think on and meditate on the goodness of God. Focus on positive things that are true, right, pure, noble, honorable, reputable, authentic, and compelling— the best, not the worst; the beautiful, gracious and lovely, not the ugly things that distract or curse. Imagination gives us wings to soar above.

    Constantly dwell on those things that are of a good character, excellent and praiseworthy so the God of peace will be with you. We should maintain a gentle spirit towards man and a joyful heart of thanksgiving towards God. Prayer requests and thanksgiving cause God to draw near.

    Thankful persistence in impossible circumstances will manifest miracles. Jesus gave God advanced thanks for raising His friend Lazarus back to life after he had been dead for four days. Jesus told His friends, “Did I not say that if you believed Me you would see God’s glory manifested?” (John 11:40).

    Then turning His heart towards Heaven, Jesus prayed, “Father, I thank You that You always hear Me. So I offer My thanksgiving to You so that these standing here will hear and believe that You have sent Me and learn to offer You thanksgiving in every state of affair” (John 11:41-42). The power of offering thanks to God in every situation is so powerful that it can raise the decaying dead back to life.

    Focus on the Positive, Maintain Your Creative Ability to Solve Problems

    Don’t be upset or worried. Negative emotions will only drain your strength and God-given creative power to solve problems. Instead of fixating on the problem and racking your nerves, simply pray about everything. Let God know your concerns, recall and thank God for being God and for the things He has already done. Allow the peace of God to invade your thought processes. Sense God’s wholeness, knowing everything will come together for good. Christ will displace worry and fear when you invite Him to become the center of your life.

    When we are in God’s presence, fear is replaced by a peace that surpasses the natural understanding. To understand is to forgive failures, even one’s own. The imagination gives us the power to transcend natural circumstances. God’s peace will guard our hearts and minds as we live in Christ. We must practice the spiritual truths we have received, learned, heard and seen in God. He alone is able to make everything work together for our benefit.

    God’s existence will cause His most excellent harmonies to fill our life and imagination. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

    Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt
    President, Breath of the Spirit Ministries


    Barbie Breathitt is the author of Dream Encounters: Seeing Your Destiny From God’s Perspective, and Gateway to the Seer Realm: Look Again to See Beyond the Natural. She is an ordained minister, dedicated educator, and respected teacher of the supernatural manifestations of God. Barbie’s dynamic teaching skills, intelligence, and quick wit keep her a favorite with audiences everywhere. Barbie has become a recognized leader in dream interpretation, traveling to more than forty nations. Her prophetic gifting and deep spiritual insight have helped thousands of people understand the supernatural ways God speaks to us today.

    Permission is granted (and you are also encouraged) to reprint these articles in hard copy form, as well as sending them to your own email lists and posting them on your own websites. We ask only that you keep Elijah List website, email contact info, and author contact information intact.

    Elijah List Publications

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