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    We carry the power of death and life in the words that we say and also there is great value in what we carry in our heart towards another person.

    Not forgiving another presents to God a person with the stain of sin still upon them not allowing His blood to wash it away. Forgiveness presents to God a person who has a clean slate, no sin, allowing the blood of Christ to wash them clean.

    Don’t be that person who joins hands with the enemy, the accuser of the brethren, to have something to use against a person when he goes before God. Don’t give the enemy that ammunition of accusation.

    What you speak against a person is like throwing poisonous darts at them. What you feel in your heart can either bring life or death. We must bless and not curse. To choose to forgive brings life and peace; to not forgive brings death and torment.

    No matter what we feel or what we may have experienced through the actions of another we must always bless and not curse. Most of the time what we feel are just lies from the enemy that we choose to agree with. We must cleanse our hearts, go to the Lord for His grace, and go to the other person you have ought with. Most of the time you will find out what you have experienced was just the work of the spirit of division.

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