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    “The Pause Before The Power!”

    by Lonnie Mackley July 12th, 2018

    Some of you may be experiencing what might seem like a lull, pause, or shut down where things may feel flat, dead, empty, meaningless, and pointless right now. There is actually a good reason for this though because just before God does something major and new He will often lead people into a time of rest and repentance so that He can fully prepare them for what is about to come so that they will be truly ready with a new and rejuvenated wineskin just before the new wine arrives!

    Deeper Before Higher

    We don’t realize how busy, distracted, and spiritually starved our lives can get until and unless God shuts everything down and forces us to rest and wait before Him so that He can fully purify, restructure, and renovate our hearts, minds, and actions in order to prepare us to walk in strength and holiness for the next phase of our life-mission. Taller buildings need deeper foundations and it is no different for someone called to walk in God’s power in this final harvest of human souls.

    Spiritual Breakfast

    You’re only as strong as what you last ate spiritually, so God has been leading us to start our day by bulking up on Him first thing in the morning before anything else. Jesus practiced this because He knew that He had to feed on God first before He could feed others. The days of trying to wing it in the flesh are over, so unless we get full of God’s love and anointing first thing then we will just weakly stumble through our day, produce little, and be more susceptible to temptation. So fill up!

    Pentecost Is the Example

    Just like the days just before the outpouring at Pentecost you have been led into a personal time of accelerated deliverance and healing as you wait and rest before the Lord. This is not a time to be busy or distracted, it is a time to wait and listen carefully to everything the Holy Spirit wants to say and do right now. He is setting the stage because the biggest show on earth is about to begin and Jesus will be on center stage through you! So being pure, stable, and loving are a necessity.

    Your Life Will Never Be The Same!

    What is about to happen will be a permanent life-changer for you where in one minute you will be sitting seemingly doing nothing and being forsaken by all, to a time of being extremely active and being sought after by all as the Holy Spirit directs and flows through you to save, heal, and deliver as many people as possible during a day! So do not despise this time of pause and resting before God’s power hits because you need this time to be ready and to remain strong in the days ahead!

    ISA 30:15a This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation,

    PS 27:14 Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

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