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    Clu Monroe

    The Parable
    During some time with God today, He brought to mind when I was chipping the 1” thick ice on our walkway after the latest wintry storm with a long-handled chisel, and how my husband says “you’re fighting with it. let the tool do the work!” All of a sudden, I saw in my minds’ eye how I stopped laboriously wrestling with the tool to try and jab the ice away, and how my arm stopped aching when I let the weight of the tool’s sharp chiseled end work as I just lifted my arm up and down more effortlessly. The ice then started to break up in chunks so I could easily remove it. As I stood there wrapped in My Lord’s presence with my eyes closed lifted up to the brilliant sunshine, He laughed and said “That’s right! Yes!!” and then we both laughed at my realization of the connection of this picture to His word.

    The Word
    He visited me in the wind. In the light. In the swirling clouds of the incoming front… I looked and saw that the cloud formations were all different, i.e. cumulous, wispy, stratus, and they were on different plains in the sky, moving swiftly in opposite directions! I asked how does that happen? He said “I am what compels. I am what directs. I am the messenger, and no other. Look up. Lift your eyes, your sights upward. That is where you will find Me. Don’t look down. Look up. My Word. I gave my edicts through men so that you would gain LIFE by them. It is your ONLY sustenance. Consume it. Partake of it daily – the daily ‘bread’. There is no trick of the tongue here. This is Truth. It will be and is the only thing that will sustain you in the upcoming days. Breathe it in like oxygen. (recalling the parable about the chisel): Let My Word do the ‘heavy lifting’. Recall where I led you today in the scriptures – [Acts 8:26-40] – about directing Philip to go – he knew not where, he just ‘arose and went.’ Once he got there, I led him to the man, and when Philip opened his mouth, I filled it with ‘my Word’, that man was saved and My seed was planted. That is all you (My body) need know right now.”

    Jesus. Jesus… our sustainer, our life giver. Our bread. Our water. He is pouring out now like never before, yet like always before, to those who will partake. Partake of Him. Take communion with Him, of Him. He requires it. The body of the Body. The blood of the Blood. To be covered in it right now is safety. Do not be deceived nor distraught. He never leaves. We do. He says “Come back. Come. Partake. Get refreshed and regain strength so you will be ready to Go scatter My seeds in tilled ground where I send you…”

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