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    Lily Deschamps


    A message for the Church and for Israel.

    This afternoon I was listening to a scholar speak on television about the rapture. Interestingly, the Dead Sea Scrolls and other text by ancient church scholars support this biblical teaching.  Indeed, knowledge is increasing and points to the prophetic days we are living in presently. (Dan.12:4) I drifted off to sleep and awoke with the program still in progress. Suddenly the following vision was shown. A man was standing up in the air and looking in a northern direction.  He had a black box attached to the back of his head.  Above this black box, a butterfly appeared.


    This man was Jewish. He was looking in a northern direction which is the exalting location of GOD whom many believe is where HIS heavenly throne is also located:

    “For exaltation comes neither from the east nor from the west nor from the south. But God is the Judge: He puts down one, And exalts another.” (Ps. 75:6-7)

    The small black box is a tefilla which is usually attached around the head and/or arm containing parchment scrolls inscribed with verses from the Torah.  It is worn during prayer as a sign of remembrance of how GOD had guided the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage.  Among other things and according to The Sefer ha-Chinuch (13th century Jewish rabbinic text), the purpose of the tefilla is to help subjugate a person’s wordly desires and to encourage spiritual development.

    The tefilla, when attached to the head, is secured on the forehead and between the eyes:

    “And it shall be for a sign for you upon your hand, for a memorial between your eyes, that the law of the Lord may be in your mouth, for with a strong hand did the Lord bring you out of Egypt.” (Ex. 13:9,16; Cf. Deut. 6:8; 11:18)

    But the location of the tefilla contrasted with the vision. Why was it shown in the back of this man’s head instead?  It soon became apparent.  The back of the head is where the Occipital Brain is located. It is the area of the brain that is associated with distance and depth perception, color, object and face recognition, including memory information.  It is that part of the brain responsible for interpreting information from the eyes and turning it into the world as a person sees it.

    Altogether, the vision conveyed that some Jewish people will undergo spiritual development in a new way – in a physiological way they have never previously perceived! Just like the butterfly that finally emerges from its cocoon transformed, so will some Jewish people increasingly emerge out from the Torah transformed.  With their senses awakened, they will finally really see with their eyes, recognize and remember that what was written in the Torah (the five books of Moses) points to their Messiah, Jesus Christ. Jesus’ words are reverberating through space and time in this message!

    “For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me (Jesus); for he wrote about Me.” (Jn. 5:46)

    “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature (the transformed butterfly) old things are passed away behold, all things are become new.” (2 Cor. 5:17)

    (Side note: While searching for information on the tefilla, I learned that archaeological digs confirm evidence of it in Qumran.  Was it a coincidence that the televised scholar was also speaking about finding evidence of the rapture in the Dead Sea Scrolls found in Qumran?  No. GOD works in amazing and mysterious ways!)

    Keep the Faith!


    Clu Monroe

    Once again, He never ceases to amaze! I just recently (like within the last week!)  was led by HS to lookup the meaning of Tefillah! Here is part of what I found which is just beautiful…

    “A key element of your relationship with your Creator is to ‘serve Him with all your heart.’ The word in Hebrew is avodah, which carries the sense of laborious work. But what kind of labor can the heart do to serve God? The classic Jewish answer is that this is tefillah: a labor of awakening the hidden love within the heart until a state of intimate union with the divine is achieved.”

    I also read that teffilfin is “technically” the plural form of teffilah. The “boxes” are the vehicle for carrying the scrolls of the Torah verses.

    Knowledge is indeed increasing in these times, and He is leading His gentile nation to a deeper understanding of the Jewish practices and what is unfolding now in His holy body, ie. Jews and Gentiles. Very interesting…

    Blessings my dear sister…


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