The Lords Day of Wrath


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    We know from past history that the earth is vulnerable to sunspot activity. Usually this results in an aurora display and some interference to radio communications. However in 1989 the Quebec region of Canada was affected by a small Coronal Mass Ejection, which damaged the electric supply system and communications network. A much more powerful CME struck the earth in 1859, that severely damaged the early telegraph and power network, worldwide. Bible prophecy clearly tells us that this will be the means that the Lord will use to punish His enemies in these end times, when they commence their attack on the State of Israel.

    When God punished mankind in Noah’s time, He then promised to never again use a flood, or kill practically all the living creatures, however evil they may be. Genesis 8:21

    Now, Peter tells us that the earth is ‘reserved for burning, the Day of judgement when the godless will be destroyed. On that Day the sky will disappear with a great noise and heat and flames will burn the earth with its works’. 2 Peter 3:7 & 10  The earth here; refers to just the holy Land area, proved by Zephaniah 1:14-18, Ezekiel 20:47

    So, this CME will not destroy everything, most will survive – it will quickly pass and the world will recover, but will never be the same again.

    Isaiah 30:25b-28 On the Day of massacre, when fortresses fall, the sun will shine seven times stronger, like seven days in one. The Lord comes from afar, His anger blazing and His doom heavy as a devouring fire. He sieves the nations for destruction.  Isaiah 33:10-12

    Malachi 4:1 The Day comes, burning like a furnace, all the Lord’s enemies will become as stubble, set ablaze.

    Isaiah 28:2 God has a mighty and strong force, it will beat down violently upon the earth, as a sweeping storm and a destroying tempest.

    Psalm 2:7-9 You are My Son, I give the earth to You as a possession. You will break the nations with a rod of iron, shatter them like a clay pot.

    Matthew 3:12 His winnowing fork in His hand, ready to clear His threshing floor. He will gather the good grain into the store, but the chaff, He will burn and destroy.

    Psalm 18:7-15 The earth shook and quaked, shaking because of the Lord’s anger. He came down from heaven with devouring fire, glowing coals and searing heat. Thick cloud covered Him, as He thundered from above and hurled lightning bolts far and wide.

    Psalm 83:13-15 Scatter Your enemies, Lord, like chaff in the wind, as fire rages through a forest, pursue and terrify them with Your storm winds.

    Isaiah 13:9-13 The Day of the Lord is coming, a cruel Day of wrath and fierce anger to reduce the earth to devastation and to destroy all the wicked there. Humans will become scarce and the earth shaken to its foundations at the wrath of the Lord on that Day of His blazing anger.

    Isaiah 66:15-16 The Lord is coming in fire, like a whirlwind with the flaming fire of His rebuke. He will judge with fire, testing all mankind and many will be slain by Him.

    Ezekiel 20:47 & Ezekiel 21:4 I am about to kindle a fire in Israel, it will kill the righteous and wicked alike, My sword of slaughter is against everyone from the Negev, northward.

    Ezekiel 30:1-5 & 16 Wail: Alas for the Day of the Lord in near, A Day of darkness and gloom for the nations. Death will come upon Egypt, all the Arab peoples will fall on the day I set Egypt on fire.

    From these prophecies, we can see that this is not the final judgement, or the Great Day of the Sovereign Lord; the Return of Jesus, but is the judgement of the nations.

    Note this: Hebrews 10:12-13 Christ will not [physically] Return until His enemies are made His footstool.  Psalm 110:1         Ref: REB. Some verses condensed.

                                                                          Bruce McKerras



    The Effects of a earth strike  by a Coronal Mass Ejection:

    Zephaniah 2:4 Gaza will be deserted, Ashkelon and Ashdod left a waste, their people gone at noonday.

    Amos 1:7-8 I shall send fire to consume the houses of Gaza and I shall wipe out the inhabitants of Ashdod and Ekron and all the Philistines who are left will perish.

    These prophecies tell us that at ‘noonday’, the Lord will ‘send fire’ upon the coastal cities of Gaza and Israel. Other prophecies say how all the Middle East will be severely affected:

    Ezekiel 30:1-5...Cush, Put, Libya, Egypt and all the allied Arab lands will fall on the Lord’s Day of Reckoning for the nations.

    Jeremiah 49:2 The time is coming when Ammon [Jordan] will become a desolate mound, their villages burnt to ashes.

    Amos 2:4-5 For the crimes of Judah, [the State of Israel] there will be no reprieve. I shall send fire on Judah, to consume the palaces of Jerusalem.

    From many other prophecies, we know that this terrible fire judgement will be triggered by the commencement of an attack by an Ishmaelite confederation upon Israel: Psalm 83, Psalms 7:12-15, Obadiah 1:15, Habakkuk 3:14. However the Coronal Mass Ejection, as we are  told, [Isaiah 30:26] that the Lord will use on that Day, will affect all the world to a greater or lesser extent:

    2 Peter 3:7 & 10…all the earth will be brought to judgement.  Isaiah 66:15-17 The Lord will judge with fire and will test all mankind. All the wicked will die.

     Zephaniah 3:8 On the Day I stand up and pour My wrath on the whole earth, it will be enveloped by My burning anger.

    Isaiah 24:1 Be warned, the Lord is about to strip the earth… everyone will be affected.

    Some factors to consider with a CME:

    1/ <u>The earth’s rotation</u>. We can see that this direct strike at mid-day onto the Middle East, will affect all that half of the earth facing the sun and as the earth rotates Eastward, the Americas will be next, then New Zealand, Australia, Asia, etc. This will be just a one Day event, because this mass of superheated cosmic particles will be travelling from 2 to 5 million miles per hour, in 24 hours, it will be gone, on its way to outer space.

    2/ <u>The orbital speed around the sun</u>. With an orbital speed of 66,000 miles per hour and the diameter of the earth of 7,900 miles, what will happen is the earth will quickly move away from this direct hit. The countries affected later will receive a glancing blow and it is this that actually pushes the earth and speeds up its orbit, thereby giving us a 360 day year, making the time periods given in Revelation and Daniel a reality. Isaiah 24:19-20

    3/ <u>The earth’s precession.</u> This is the wobble of the earth’s axis, that causes the seasons. Most of the earth’s population live in the Northern Hemisphere and it may be that this event will happen during their winter, because it seems that most will survive there.

    Be aware that because of the severe earthquakes; the earth ‘reeling and shaking’, 2 Samuel 22:8, Isaiah 29:6, Haggai 2:21, Revelation 6:12, Amos 8:8 ‘The whole earth will surge and seethe like the Nile.’.. the oceans and lakes will slosh from side to side and huge tsunamis are prophesied. Jeremiah 51:42 So anyone living near a coast should be prepared to go quickly to high ground. But everyone should heed the warning and have a place prepared to take shelter from the extreme temperatures, storm winds and earthquakes.

    Isaiah 14:24 & 26 ‘My plan for the whole world, will surely take place’.

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