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    Ron McGatlin


    We all are drawn to the government or country that most serves our needs. We want safety and security, and a government that will align itself with our way of thinking. In these volatile times there is no government or country that can provide that. God has offered us a country (called heaven), and a government (called the Kingdom), where our safety and protection is assured, our needs are taken care of, and another benefit no government on earth can offer – peace, righteousness, and joy.

    The Kingdom is our bridge over troubled waters – God’s government on earth (as it is in heaven); a divine government designed for divine citizenship. When we turn into a ‘seekers of the Kingdom,’ our citizenship will be made known to us as we conform to Kingdom government in our personal lives. As this occurs, an enabling takes place that allows us to represent the Kingdom as heavenly ambassadors “on earth as it is in heaven.”

    Man’s government doesn’t work, nor do his systems (the world’s system). Only the Kingdom is designed to survive the chaos of this ‘appointed hour.’ No longer will religion get us by, nor many of our so-called Christian doctrines – Jesus was not sent to earth to preach Christianity, but “The Kingdom!” His whole mission on earth was to get the Kingdom of Heaven into us on earth “as it is in heaven.” When the Kingdom is fully established on earth (in us), we will subdue it; and we will reign with Christ “on earth as it is in heaven.” The government of the Kingdom will replace the systems of men, and once again our God will rule the earth with a people who walk and talk with Him as friend.

    God is now searching the earth for volunteers; those who recognize that a powerless church is an ineffective church – those who know there is a better plan than what many in church leadership teach. Will you say “Here I am, take me Lord?” If so, commit yourself fully, with full focus on seeking the Kingdom and His righteousness, ‘and then’ watch what happens in your life. Once your heart is set on the Kingdom (in you), “on earth as it is in heaven,” extraordinary things will begin to happen – I don’t speak from theory; I speak from testimony (Revelation 12:11).

    If you seek, you will surely find! The only thing you will lose are stout traditions, mind sets, and preconceived religious notions. My people perish for lack of (Kingdom) knowledge” – Hosea 4:6. When we are free of the traditions that make the word of God to no effect, we are ready for a Kingdom journey (on earth) beyond anything we can imagine or think! Life and power are in the structure; as Kingdom structure produces Kingdom order, which releases Kingdom power. Historically, we haven’t had the structure right – we have falsely focused on Christianity when our true focus should be the Kingdom!

    The message of Jesus was the Kingdom, not Christianity that focused us more on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and less on the Tree of Life (where our spiritual vitality comes from). Fruit from the wrong tree is deadly, as we’re often trapped by our interpretation of “good fruit.” Works outside the leadership of God’s spirit is a departure from fruit from the Tree of Life – the tree that entitles us to communion and communication with our Father. A true Kingdom man ceases from his own labor, enters into God’s rest and only does what he sees the Father doing. If your vision is cloudy and hearing muffled, perhaps you have engaged the wrong system.

    We are now in the appointed time, as the Church Age has transitioned into the Kingdom Age. Never has heaven been so ripe to bring its fruit to earth. When lovers of Christ connect the dots to the Kingdom, power and authority will come to the church. We will become the head and not the tail, as our overcoming testimony will speak for itself – we don’t serve a weak God! We serve the one who judges justly in the affairs of men – a God who blesses and cares for His own. Our part in enjoying this great government and Kingdom citizenship is “Seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness”….AND THEN….

    Let this message stir you heart; let it begin a new work in you that will initiate the changes you have waited for.

    Seek the Kingdom and watch what happens!

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