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    The Great Turnaround!


    From the Holy Spirit:

    (“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s Amore!”  This old song just went through my mind.)

    “Strengthen your faith Faith comes by hearing and it is also a giftEat the scroll!

    There is coming a great Equalizer!  I AM not a man that I should lie, nor a son of man that I should change My mind.

    My mind is made up.  My armies are ready and waiting for orders.

    Multitudes in the valley of decision.  Multitudes will be apprehended for the Kingdom of God.

    No other name in heaven or on earth will resound like the name of My Son!  My Holy Spirit is the Great Equalizer.

    He is coming like a whirlwind out of the south!  (South represents the place of refreshment, as per Kevin Conners.)

    As HE is poured out, nothing will be the same!  Everyone will have the chance to repent and be saved and changed in the moment.

    Not everyone will make the choice for Me, but everyone will know Who I AM.  There will be no excuse anymore.

    Great is the army that I have prepared and that I will empower to do great exploits!

    Sons and daughters will come to glory!  Chains will be broken and demons annihilated from your lives!

    This is a great reprieve!  Because I know what the enemy has done through generations, to keep you bound and gagged or infirm, and suffering.

    I know all the assaults on your mind and your heart.  I know your history better than you do.

    The generational and ancient spirits that have bound and gagged my own will be routed.  The deliverers are being raised up NOW!  Ho!

    It will not take striving!  For I will fill you with My Glory as you have desired for many years!

    Knees will bow.  Hearts will be convicted and changed.  Those who refuse My love & PREFER to bow to the lesser gods, will in the end receive their reward.

    None of you who prefer ME will say, “I don’t know what God wants.”

    For you will hear My Voice behind you, saying, go this way, or don’t go that way….  The little child will be as mighty as the elder!

    ALL Of you who have longed for freedom because you know you’ve been bound will receive what your heart have longed for!

    Liberty is coming!

    Justice is coming!

    Freedom is at the door!

    Rejoice for your redemption draws nigh!

    Shout for joy, for the holy one is in your midst!

    Glorious days are ahead!

    No matter what is going on in the world for you will be my holy habitation!”

    South Symbolism from another source:

    “4. The South:  The south is primarily a negative symbol.  But the fact that it is represented by the right hand makes it also a positive one.  It is negative because to the south of Israel was the wilderness, a region where life does not prosper (Isaiah 30:6).  To the south was Egypt, which opposed God’s power and oppressed His people.

    But the south was also the place where the Lord appeared to Moses, went with Him to Egypt, liberated His people, and appeared to them on Mount Sinai (e.g., Deuteronomy 33:2).

    The ambivalent nature of the symbols of the four cardinal directions seems based on the fact that evil was perceived to be present everywhere and that God’s saving presence was always accessible to His people from any corner of the world (Psalm 139:7-12).  In a sense they pointed beyond the points of the compass to the cosmic conflict between good and evil.”

    © The Symbolism of the Four Cardinal Directions” by Ángel Manuel Rodríguez.


    ~ Priscilla

    Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream Ministriesby: PRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN of Upstream Ministries, California and  Email: Donate to Upstream: via secure Paypal by sending as gift to or send to: Upstream, PMB 545, 14311 Newport Blvd, Suite G, Tustin, CA 9278.

     The Great Turnaround

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