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    Jacky Julyan

    The Great and Final Harvest – Jacky Julyan

    WORD received from the LORD on 2nd March 2017
    12:06 pm UK time

    All that is covered is becoming uncovered.  All that is in darkness is being exposed to the light. I am the Light of the world, in Me there is no darkness.

    Many are eating from the tree of knowledge to gain wisdom and power that belong to the kingdom of darkness.  Truly I say, these men are made for destruction and their end is one of eternal blackness and separation unto the pits of hell which they themselves have opened.

    The greatest wisdom of men is but foolishness and their wisdom will prove to end in the destruction it deserves.  I, the LORD laugh at their attempts to create what only I am capable of creating.  For I am the LORD the Maker of Heaven and Earth.  I am Sovereign over all the nations of this world.

    Oh foolish nations!  You are blinded by power, greed and the need to be god, I tell you the truth, to dust and ashes you shall return.  Yes I the LORD laugh and scoff at your attempts to create for the use of control and power.  Your own deeds will swallow you up into the very pits of hell which you have opened in your arrogance.  You are an accursed brood, languishing in the seats of Satan.

    I am the LORD, by My Word alone I created the heavens and the earth.  By My own mouth I declared, and I spoke everything into being for there is only One and I am He.

    Oh foolish nations! Ignorant people, when will you not realize the folly of your ways.  Your sin is before you, your arrogance is your own downfall.  I am your Creator, My Name is ‘I AM’.  Before Me there is no other.  I am He who sits in the heavens.

    I am He who sits in the heavens, I laugh at your meager and dangerous attempts to create what only I can create.  I shall laugh, I the LORD hold your wrath for the Day of Judgment. I shall cause such a distress upon the evil inhabitants of the earth.

    Woe to you CERN! 
    Woe to your scientists! 

    When will you learn, when will you come to your right mind.  You do not have the thoughts of God, for I say, you have eaten the delights of the tree of good and evil.  You have rejected the good and embraced and coveted the knowledge of evil.  I shall break you with a rod of Iron.  I shall dash you to pieces as pottery for dust you came from and dust you shall return.  Now therefore be wise O inhabitants of the earth for you have copied the blueprint of Babylon.  You belong to Satan.

    I bring you counsel to seek My Son Jesus, come to Him in repentance before it is too late. Kiss the Son lest His anger and wrath destroy you and send you to the place where the worms do not die and where the fire never goes out.

    I counsel you this day to turn from your sins and your wickedness which My eyes can see.

    REPENT!  before it is too l ate.  The hour is drawing nigh.  Tremble for I am the LORD, tremble at what your hands have made.  The wickedness, this stench of evil has reached my nostrils.  I, the LORD am a consuming fire, the ball of fire will be ejected from My Mouth.

    For I, the LORD know the way of the righteous but the way of the ungodly shall perish, never to be seen again.

    Woe to you CERN! 

    I shall speak to all concerned in My wrath.


    Kiss the Son lest He be angry, but blessed are those who put their trust in Me.


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