The Former and Latter Rain Outpouring

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    John Lawler


    The Lord had me speak the following word over our church congregation recently and I felt it was not only for our church but for the whole church throughout America. I share it with you for your discernment and comments.

    The Lord would say unto you my people, this is a time and un hour when I am pouring out my spirit in a greater way than ever before. Did I not say I would bring the former and latter rain, well this is the time when I am doing that upon my people throughout this church and throughout this nation saith the Lord., because I am doing a quick work now and I am going to use each and every one of my people to do things, that I need to have done, so that I can win this nation back to me saith God. So just know that this is coming now today, yes this hour and this time, because my time is now saith the Lord and I am doing it just through you because I love you saith God.

    You can share this word with anyone that you wish to share it with.

    John S. Lawler Sr.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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