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    A short time back I wrote an article about “closings.” (You can read “Through July 31st – Many Closings will Bring New Beginnings” here.) Based on the timing of this new article and how it came about, I believe that this is “part two” of the closings article.

    Through the first writing, God showed the beginning of many closings and what it will look like; chapters are closing for new ones to begin. In part two, He is showing us how to get to the other side into our destiny. Walking through life with the Lord is reassuring because He has already taken the steps that we are about to go through. If you have been around Him long enough, then you have witnessed Jesus get you out of some really tight circumstances. I would like to briefly share one of my own.

    You will witness miracles that only God can do!

    When I became born again, I was pulled out of a lot of really bad stuff. I had just ended a bad relationship with a girl in high school. Shortly after our breakup, she got involved with a local gang that was popular and relentless. Unexpectedly, I ended up on their hit-list, with my ex-girlfriend leading the wolf hunt. After several months, I assumed that things were dying down. I was about to find out that it was just getting started.

    A Close Call

    One day I went to the mall with one of my nephews to get a birthday card. At the time he was about eight years old. While entering the mall, I was face-to-face with my ex-girlfriend staring at me with her new gang-member boyfriend! Oddly, it was almost as if they had been waiting for me to enter; like they knew we had been already on our way. I looked at them, they cold-starred back, my nephew and I went directly to the card store. By the time we got into the store and picked out a card, several gang members had gathered and were staring at me right outside the entryway of the store we were in. Mind you, I had a little child with me.

    I paid for the card and then went to the back of the store with my nephew. I told him that it didn’t look good and we needed to pray. (We didn’t have cell phones back in this day, and I knew that the mall cop wouldn’t be of much assistance.) This was a very small mall that only had one main exit to the building. My ex-girlfriend and her gang went down to the main entrance and waited for me to try to leave. I looked out of the card store and I could now see that the gang had nearly doubled in size and they were all waiting for me. They multiplied fast. (They were using pagers back then!)

    My heart was beating wildly while my nephew held onto my hand. Knowing somehow that it would be okay, I suddenly heard the Lord say, “Go now! Go!” I knew it was Him. I walked out of the card store and headed right toward the large gang huddled in the entryway. “Turn,” the Lord said to me as I approached a drug store at the corner of the mall by the entryway, not far away from the gang. I quickly turned into the drug store, not knowing what else to do.

    Some of the gang members were looking right at me, including my ex-girlfriend, but they didn’t see me; they didn’t even recognize me! My nephew and I were like ghosts to them. Continuing on, I walked right down the drug store aisles, and low and behold, there was a side entrance at the end of the store that led right to my car, totally bypassing the main entrance to the mall and the entire group of gang members! We headed straight to the car and left safely. Decades later, I never saw one of them again. God completely put a wall of fire between them and me for life!

    This, my friend, is how God takes care of us when we are leaving a chapter and starting a new one. He makes sure we get safely to the other side. Some of you are up against some tough decisions; you are dealing with some really tight circumstances. God has this word for you today: “For Your name’s sake, Lord, preserve my life; in Your righteousness, bring me out of trouble” (Psalm 143:11 NIV).

    The Countdown to Your Launching Has Begun!

    God completely put a wall of fire between them and me for life!

    I hear the Lord saying to you today, “I am connecting you to launching pads that will properly thrust you into the right direction and course for your life. I will remove you from stagnant waters and from people and organizations that have no interest in where I have called you to be. I am intensifying My image through you, so that those who are called to recognize the call and talent within you, will see Me before they see you. I am opening the eyes of the blinded around you; the right people at the right time will find you.

    “Across the globe I will raise up spiritual fathers and mothers who have a desire to launch My children properly. I am connecting them to you in order to connect you to your destiny; an inheritance I promised long ago. No longer will you be hoarded up for someone else’s pleasure or purposes. You will be released by My strong hands.
    I will release winds from the four corners of the earth to blow My children to their divine destinations. I will be a wind behind you, moving you forward like a sail boat on the waters; I will be a ring of fire around your life and nothing will harm you as you cross over.”

    “But You, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.” (Psalm 3:3 NIV)

    The River Will Now Rage on Your Behalf!

    “I have brought you to the edge of your river, and you are now crossing over. I will drop the gates that have stopped you and I will remove the unauthorized boundaries around your life that have left you lacking purpose. I will smash the walls that closed you in; walls that were designed by the enemy to hinder the vision and view of your future. No longer will you stand at the gates and wonder, ‘How will I get through this?’ No longer will you look at the wall and give up and turn back. (Photo via Unsplash)

    “It is I, the Lord, who called you out and across this river. The river has moved many directions that have worked against you, and now I am going to turn the current of the river to flow in your favor. The river will now rage on your behalf. In the end you will say, ‘God did this—only He could do something like this.'”

    “Then will the lame leap like a deer, and the mute tongue shout for joy. Water will gush forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert.” (Isaiah 35:6 NIV)

    I get a sense that many of you reading this will be thinking about your enemies, those trying to hurt you, for the last time in your life. I believe they won’t be able to pursue you any longer and you will face them no more! You will witness miracles that only God can do!

    Andy Sanders
    Capturing the Supernatural, INC.
    Email: andy.s@capturingthesupernatural.com
    Website: http://www.capturingthesupernatural.com

    Andy Sanders had an encounter with God just before his high school graduation that altered his life forever. He has since devoted his time to preaching the Gospel and writing. He co-authored the Capturing the Supernatural series. Andy has a BA from Central Bible College and carries a masters and doctorate in Christian education from Freedom Seminary, graduating with honors. His family resides in Syracuse, NY.

    Source: http://elijahlist.com/

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