The Electromagnet

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    David Darling

    Something else came to me the other day and I started 
    doing some research looking for Godly principals in 
    magnetism, it turns out I found one! Specifically I 
    found something regarding an electromagnet. An 
    electromagnet is a temporary magnet that is created by 
    a flow of electric current. If you take a wire and 
    wrap it tightly around a metal object, such as a large 
    bolt, and the connect one end of the wire to the (+) 
    end of a battery and the other end of the wire to the 
    (-) end of the battery this will complete the circuit 
    and electricity will begin to flow. The flow of 
    current around the metal object with create a magnetic 
    field that will draw other metallic objects to it. 
    Like this the flow of God’s power around a conductor 
    (someone who is turned on to God and good conductor of 
    God’s power) will create a “magnetic field” that will 
    draw all men unto Himself.

    This is teaching #5 on 
    Godly principals in electricity, what I think I am seeing here 
    is God’s hand on the laws of physics! We call 
    electricity “power” and God’s power behaves the exact 
    same way, it is identical in a lot of different ways!

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