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    Ron McGatlin
    Dear in Christ,
    From 2018 to 2020 we have been passing through a difficult situation in  the  three provinces (North Kivu, South Kivu and Ituri) of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo as the epidemic Ebola Virus Disease have been killing people.
    And there have been many problems in Beni more than in other areas in which there was Ebola because rebels have been opposing those who have been working for eradicating it.
    They killed some people, kidnapped others and burned some hospitals.
    They even burned at night the hospital in which my child Mahamba Nyota Thanks  was admitted ; my wife and my child came out from that hospital as it was burning.
    The number of Church members decreased as pastors were giving guidelines for protecting people  against Ebola because most of people were already discouraged by violences done by rebels and because people of Beni and Butembo were not allowed to vote at the presidential election because of insecurity and Ebola.
    So most people were saying that Ebola does not exist but it was a political issue.
    But we thank God because the end of this epidemic Ebola Virus Disease was declared this weekend on 25 June 2020 by the DRC minister of health.
    So from 1 August 2018 to 25 June 2020 we  were serving the Lord during the past terrible situation and it was a period  of a great challenge in ministry.
    Thank you very much for standing with us in prayer during the past testing circumstance of Ebola and may you continue to support us in your daily prayers as we still serving the Lord in two challenging situations of COVID 19 and rebels attacking news areas which were peaceful during the last 6 years when the ADF/NALU were attacking Beni town.
    Displaced people are still coming daily for taking refuge in Beni town.
    May you also pray so that the DRC government can allow churches to reopen so we can serve  people effectively.
    Yours in Christ
    Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste
    Founder and Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Evangelical Church International
    Beni Democratic Republic of Congo
    Central Africa
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