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    Beloved, as I was in my alone time with the Lord writing down what I had to share with him in my journal, a heavy presence of God came up from within me, and He spoke the following prophetic word for us to discern.

    The Day Of The Vengeance Of The Lord Has Been Released

    Here oh heaven, and rejoice oh earth, for the day of God’s vengeance has come.  The day of God restoring his people has come. The day they shall redeem the earth has come. The day they will walk in the fullness of God has come.

    There is not another day.  Today ,the day of their full salvation has come to manifest within them. They will now run through the troop and they will leap over the wall. Today, they will go in and inherit their land fully. There will be no more delays! There will be no more roadblocks.  The day of the Lord is at hand. The day of God’s vengeance is at hand.

    My full grown sons and daughters now walk in my holiness and fire as never before. They are now released to be my instruments of change upon the earth. Their hour has come. The hour they have longed for is here.

    The earth shall hear the reverberating  of my sons and daughters manifested on the earth. The dry bones have come together for my end time purposes. A holy remnant has come forth filled with my glory and power!

    I have made a people within a people, a remnant inside a remnant. They will now come forth with fire in their eyes and coming from their mouths. They are now riding with me in the Spirit upon their white horses.  I have commissioned them to go and burn throughout the land now. There will be no more delays.  The day of the vengeance of the Lord is here.

    Who can stand against my elect ones? Who can oppose those I have sent forth to transform the earth? Who can stop my will from being done on this earth as it is heaven? No one! I am the Lord thy God in the midst of my New Jerusalem City that has now begun to appear upon the earth.

    Just as Jerusalem is about to be declared the capital of Israel, it will be a sign to you that my new Jerusalem city, the capital of my heaven, is now manifesting upon the earth.  I have released her to come forth in full power to go forth with me.

    Together we will bring forth this day of the vengeance of our God upon the earth. My elect are now going to turn everything in every nation that is upside down right side up. My Glory will be seen upon the earth!

    Today, I have released a deeper fire of my holiness in them.  The zeal for my house burns in then like never before. They will go forth and make the crooked places straight. They will command the desert to bring forth the rivers of life. They will command water to come out of rocks for my glory. They will release my hidden manna upon the earth.

    My elect ones are now walking on the earth on my  Highway of Holiness.  Who can find this roadway? Those who will walk blameless and upright before me. Those who will truly humble themselves in the sight of the Lord. They will walk on my highway and they shall be entrusted to redeem the earth.

    I have given them power to walk upon that road. As they do they will execute my judgments upon the earth. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty and the earth shall be filled with his glory.

    Today is the day of my vengeance. Today my cleansing judgments will be released by a holy, set apart, full grown sons and daughters to transform the earth. Town by town, city by city, state by state, region by region and nation by nation will now see the glory of God being revealed in my “holy ones” my “set apart ones” my “fire bringers.” They have sword in their hand and fire coming forth from their lips to bring divine transformation NOW upon the earth.

    These are my burning ones, that have come forth from the fire of affliction with healing in their wings and fire in their eyes and upon their lips. Nations will be transformed now by their arising. Nations will now come to their brightness and repent.

    The day of the vengeance of the Lord has come to bring the change. The final travail of creation is in its final moment to bring my full grown sons and daughters manifested on the earth.

    Today, I declare the fathers will be restored to the sons and the sons to the fathers. TodayI declare, I am burning like an oven in your midst. My fire has come to you to burn in this nation. My holy fire has come to release my “set apart ones,’ “my burning ones” to go throughout the earth.

    They will go to and fro by my command. Today they will be here, tomorrow they will be there and I have released my translating power again to bring this about. They are my wheel within a wheel. I will bring them and release them as I will and they will transform the earth with my glory.

    The day of the vengeance of the Lord has come. Today, things will never be the same. The divine shift has come into it’s fullness. Today divine alignment has come in my body to bring all this together.

    This day has not come forth from the power of man. This day has not come forth by the wisdom of men. This day has come forth by my word. The day of Elijah is here. The Spirit burning in the heart of my “own ones” is here and divine change has come. Divine alignments have come. Divine connections have come to bring all things together by my choosing.

    Don’t look back! Don’t be like Lot’s wife. I say to you who can hear, “Come out from among them my people, and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you. My holiness has been released to bring forth this day of vengeance upon the earth.

    For those who will repent my day of vengeance will bring complete healing, complete deliverance, and complete restoration of their lives and family. To those who will not yield to my fire, it will be like the day of Sodom and Gomorrah as I spoke to my disciples.

    Who is the wise man? Who is the scribe? Who is that can hear my words for this day and moment? The divine shift has been completed. You will see it. It will spring forth. Can you not perceive it. I have done a NEW THING says the Lord. OLD THINGS HAVE PASSED AWAY ALL THINGS HAVE BECOME NEW!

    Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord. This is the day!  2018 will bring forth the fullness of the year of the vengeance of the Lord upon the earth. It has begun now in this month of December 2017! Rejoice for the fullness of time as you have known is almost completed. The new day has now arisen in your midst.

    Come out and meet the bridegroom all things are now ready to be revealed through my overcoming people upon the earth. The manifestation of my full grown sons and daughters is almost completed. Blessed is the man that trust in the Lord, they shall never be put to shame!

    Henry Falcone

    Awakening Kingdom

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    Quo Wright

    Hello Henry! As always you’ve definitely given us a word in season. Reading this was like icing on the cake for me. Normally I set aside the beginning of each year to be with Dad to receive instructions and his plan for the year. But last week he told me he wanted me to come earlier and set aside December. So I am doing just that and it’s just the 2nd day and what you wrote is in line with what he told me. Full release has taken place and now is time for manifestation and birthing of miracles. I asked Dad why December and he said because it will be already happening by January. Also this month of Kislev (Nov/Dec) symbolizes miracles and manifestation. Also what God is doing in his children in this season bears spiritual symbolism with Hanukkah which is also called the Festival of Lights. When I studied this in detail Dad said to me you are my light and you are my temple that I have set apart and consecrated. I have preserved your name for such a time as this.

    Blessings to you brother.




    Dear Quo,

    God’s blessings upon you. You nailed it, I was talking to another brother in the Lord, and he has heard the same thing and has written a tremendous article about God’s covenant of peace that is now coming forth through his full grown sons and daughters. I am waiting for his permission to post it. It helps bring what we both are hearing along with other sons and daughters the urgency of the day. Like you the Lord, told me to separate myself apart to Him for this month, and not get caught up in the holiday, but to be caught in him. He told, January will be to late to start this separation that he has begun it now. YOU SO ARE A CONFIRMING WORD TO ALL OF US AS WELL FOR THIS.

    I know this post is going to get lost among so many other awesome words that God is bringing but this post is a clarion sound, a shofar blast of the spirit to “make ourselves” ready for 2018. I know Donn and I are doing this, you and I believe many others as well for what is about to be released through his full grown sons and daughters.

    The Lord has speaking to my wife and I about miracle and the workings of them and the glory that is about to be seen. What you wrote about the month of November and December is awesome and is what this set apart time is for. Yes and the festival of light that are about to come together upon the earth in here.

    God has burned in me that Jesus said, A Body you have PREPARED FOR ME, which is what is happening in us now, Here I AM, coming to do your will oh God that which is written about me in the books. With those words he abolished the first covenant and established a better one where Paul pleads with us, I beg you in view of  all the mercies of  God to present your BODY, our DIRT MAN and Spirit to him as a living sacrifice, holy and blameless to prove what the acceptable will of the Lord is as Jesus lives his perfected life and does the will of God in us and with us in our “earthen vessels.” Know ye not, you body is the TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.! Yes it is, and the day of vengeance has now come to complete the work that HIS HOUSE SHALL BE A HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR THE NATIONS.  Can you send me your email address to I would like to share some things with you that I felt God wanted me to share and ask of you. Blessings my dear and precious fellow bond servant of the Lord. Thanks for sharing!


    Quo Wright

    Hello Henry. I just sent my email address.




    Hi Quo,

    I didn’t get it so here are two of them you can try: or




    Quo Wright

    Hello Henry, I resent the email both from my yahoo account and my gmail account. The one sent from yahoo may have gone to your spam folder.

    <span style=”line-height: inherit;”>Blessings,</span>



    Clu Monroe

    More truly exciting – beyond exciting – prophetic words. I read this a couple of days ago, I think the day after you posted it Henry, then felt compelled to read it again last night and saw the dialogue between you and Quo. This morning I came back to this again, and then went to Ezekiel 1 and saw on the fifth day of the month, as I was among the captives by the River Chebar, that the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God. I have been feeling electric so far today – it is the 5th day of the month. I came back to this posting and read on and then went to Isaiah 60. Then went to Father’s Heart daily prophetic word for the same day you posted this – the 2nd, and here is what that said…

    The Father says today, step into your appointed time. This is zero hour for you. No more waiting and wondering. No more having to endure the enemy’s lies as he says “hath God said…” You have clung to My promises and put your expectation on My promise and you will not be disappointed. You will not be denied. This is the sounding of a trumpet to you this day – a clarion sound of deliverance and culmination. Rejoice, says God! Cast off the grave clothes of sorrow and frustration – put on your dancing shoes and rejoice!

    Dance in advance, says the Father. Dance on the head of the enemy. Let the serpent’s head be crushed by the confident step of one who knows I am with them. I am with you and I am in you – willing to do and to accomplish My good pleasure. Let that heart – the heart of David, bring you now into whitened fields of ripe harvest. You will gather the fruits of My promise by handfuls and armfuls, for this is the jubilee moment and in you I will be magnified.

    It’s all coming together. I have been recently wondering what’s next for my work (job), been floundering lately, no clear direction, wondering is it time to move on, etc. The Lord just kept telling me “rest… I will take care of it”. Basically, don’t get distracted and stay focused – on HIM! I just opened today’s Father’s Heart word, and here is the very first line… The Father says today, the work is done.



    Quo Wright

    Clu EVERYTHING you posted is confirmation. Yes I’ve been told twice already this month by the Holy Ghost that the work is done and the wait is over. To rest and stay focused as He bring forth the promises.

    I walked away for a moment and then I heard this to share with you Clu. There is a birthing taking place and it’s not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord. Be still and know that I am God.





    Clu Monroe

    Truly wonderful… Thank you for sharing Quo. Thank you Lord! God be praised 🙂


    Ivonete Chasson

    Dear Brother Henry I am a new member of open Here is a dream confirming the artcle that you posted.  This dream was posted on the today.  The dream was given to Elaine Tavolacci.

    “This is the season in which I am raising up the nameless, faceless generation to do great exploits.”

    The Holy Spirit showed me a massive stadium filled with people. When the speaker came out, the crowd rose to their feet with a thunderous applause. I could not see who the speaker was, neither could I see what gender they were, but then I heard them announce, “Please take your seat”. I then recognized that this was Jesus Himself making an announcement to the body of Christ.

    The Lord says, “It is time to take the seat that I have assigned to you. This is the season in which I am raising up the nameless, faceless generation to do great exploits. Many of you who have been hidden, will be used mightily in this end time harvest. Those of you who have been looked upon as the underdog will step forward and take your rightful place in My Kingdom. I am calling those of you who have been considered outcasts. I am calling those who have been mocked, scorned, shunned and abused. Now is the time for those of you who have been forsaken and rejected to take your seat in that which I have ordained for you. It is time for you to set others free.

    I have prepared you and taught you spiritual realities. I have equipped you and empowered you for this season. Now is the time to take back what the enemy has stolen and possess the land. Don’t cower back in fear. I have called My people to take dominion over the earth. I have called you to take authority over this land and not fall prey to the enemies strategies. This is My kingdom, this is My destiny for you, and this is your rightful place as a believer. Do not think that you need a podium, a pulpit or a platform to reach the multitudes. You will become My voice, not by might, not by power and not in your own strength. As you wait on Me in the secret place, I will seat you in your rightful place.

    I am releasing the gift of ‘discerning of spirits’. You will perceive that which is spiritual from that which is carnal. You will learn to sense the spiritual climate around you. You will discern the hearts of others and recognize godly as well as impure intentions.

    You will have authority in the place that I have assigned you to because you have my mark of approval. Demons tremble at the sound of the voice of those whose walk is blameless and know their authority. Step up into this seat which I have entrusted to you. Then you will begin to speak not just with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power says the Lord.”

    Scripture References:
    1 Corinthians 2:4-5
    And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

    1 Corinthians 4:20
    For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power.

    1 Thessalonians 1:5
    For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance, as you know what kind of men we were among you for your sake.

    Elaine Tavolacci
    Author: Elaine Tavolacci
    After what she has endured in her past, Elaine Tavolacci’s life is a sign and a wonder, an amazing testimony of how God has healed, delivered, restored, renewed, and set her free indeed. She shares teachings and prophetic words on her website, A Word in Season and her Facebook page.




    om Dec.1, 2017 mid morning I received  A COVERING  of  Spirit ‘quietness’, placed in a


    SAFE  place free from the constant attack from the dark. The barrage from evil was


    STOPPED.  My Prayer Life in His Spirit heightened   X2  everyday till today Dec. 6.


    >>>>>>  READY  ?  ?  ?  ?  < < < < < <



    armor up.


    Dan, the  Armor  Bearer




    Clu Monroe

    Thank you for re-posting Elaine’s dream Ivonete! I’ve read many of her posts in the past and have been touched by them… It’s so interesting and confirming along with this thread and other prophetic streams going out right now.

    I was just blown away (once again) by the repeated theme of His word for me (us) that you shared Quo along with part of Elaine’s dream – specifically “You will become My voice, not by might, not by power and not in your own strength. As you wait on Me in the secret place, I will seat you in your rightful place.” Repeat of “Be still and know that I am God…”

    He is just so awesome, and I’m with you Dan… let’s armor up while we are hidden and resting in the secret place, the deep, waiting on Him in this time. Glory, praise and honor be to God.




    Wow every one. Clu, Quo, Ivonette, Dan, Thanks for your comments and what you posted. Today I read all that you wrote such an excitement has arisen in me. A new day is here. A new hour has come. His awakening kingdom servants are arising to take their place. I have written two articles on God’s awakening servants and their function, and I don’t know why God is showing me His army, some of it’s operation and how each will be able to do their job and not break ranks. Ezekiel’s dry bones coming together now, and the word where Paul writes, The Lord arranges the body as He wills EACH PART SUPPLYING what the other needs.

    I live in Gulf Breeze Florida and we are surrounded by Air force, Navy, Marines, Army and Coast Guard. These brave men and women put their life on the line every day for the defense of our nation and they function together under one government ” what ever branch they are in” to preserve and defend us under on ultimate head, the President of the USA.

    We are now coming in a divine alignment by our King of Kings and Lord of Lord to be stationed where we wants us which may require some to change geographic location to be fitted with the other body parts they were made to be connected with.

    Some in the army will be sent out like special forces to pray, spy out and do special ops in the spirit work for the Lord. Some will be sent out marines to establish spiritual beach heads in cities and regions. The key thing God is impressing on me is that none will be “alone any more.”

    So many of the sons and daughters who God is about to activate and send out have been alone. They only know how to function alone with the Lord. So the new will require then to be fitted and knitted together with those God has ordained them to be with.

    We have all been part of “something” in the past, and most of us know this alone place because of not fitting in, being rejected, or not even desiring to be part of a religious system that is going no where spinning their wheels.

    But God is beginning to knit us together with the right body parts in the right places and in the right time.His pure holy love for God is going to knit us together with Him and then one another like we have never seen before. There will be a real love for each other, care for each other, help for each other, and a laying down our lives for each other just as you would have in a military unit.

    Call it the “spiritual band of brothers.” They will stick together, fight together, love together, forgive together, give to each other as God would have, but they will be one people, one unit, under one commander in chief Jesus.

    There is a war to be finished and won as the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our God. When the man-child is caught up to heaven, A war breaks out. This is so important because as these mature sons of God are caught up to reign in the heavens, Satan is kicked out the heavenly air realm which he stole and thrust down on the earth where he makes war. The man-child company will have power over his works and will be the ones Jesus will walk in to put his enemies under his feet.

    I believe as that true spiritual war breaks out. God is positioning his people now to change spiritual atmospheres over towns, cities, states, regions and nations that will open the door way for the advancement of the transformation of the nations to become the kingdoms of our God.

    Yes, we are the family of God, but we are also the army of God, His physical bodies he must rule and reign through upon the earth to destroy all the works of the devil so the end time harvest can come in, first in the house of God and then the lost.

    This is why things may seem so “changing” and they are changing moment by moment. On December 1 anther spiritual shift has come, and throughout this month many aftershocks are coming so we need to stay sensitive to the leading of the Spirit to know exactly what he wants, where he wants us and to instantly obey his commands.

    For some they are going to get “minute men” assignments. This means on short notice God will send them to a person, a city, a region to go to obey his instructions there. It may seem weird because he may not give much details until you get there, but that is by design. It is about our heart being obedient and to function together as a wheel within a wheel. We have to be trained to move when he moves and do only what he does and speak only what he says when he says it. This way we don’t just have a “word in season,” We become a “word in a season.

    When John the Baptist was asked who he was he replied, I am a voice crying out in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord. That is what God is doing with his awakening kingdom servants the first part of the army being released. They are being sent out to transform the spiritual atmosphere in the desert places God will send them to be one thing. A VOICE CRYING! John’s voice was so strong they came out of the cities to hear him and Israels spiritual atmosphere became changed to prepare the way for the Messiah’s voice to come and transform the whole earth. As it was then, today God is rising up a corporate John the Baptist of awakening kingdom messengers.

    They are the forerunners to this releasing army that God is now bringing together as the divine alignment and shifts of the Spirit do their work. It is in incredible time to be with the Lord and his end time purposes. Let us keep our ears on his breast to continue to hear his heart beat. Amen!

    If you haven’t read the articles on the awakening kingdom servants they go alone with the articles God gave me called the Divine Convergence, The Roar of the Lord and the Awakening Kingdom servants. I think together they be forming a road map. Please know this is all a small part that connects with the other instructions the Lord you are all are getting, and just a few piece of the puzzle God is now putting together.

    May His grace and love overwhelm you all and may he bring the clarity of direction and instructions we all need now in Jesus name. You all our treasures of the Lord that we love much.. Blessings!

    Brother Henry



    so  CLU, I’m in a ‘secret place’.  With the dark attacks tense,  King Jesus  has us sheltered.  One thing, it IS  massively quiet:  Spirit Fire is Burning His way thru this wickedness clearing the imposters NOW…..  I’ve thought of calling them  Fools: that implies some level on thinking.


    Keep  H I S  Armor gleaming  in Reflection of  Abba Father’s Power,  and  Love….. of course.  Always Love and more, That’s the point



    Henry:  FreshFire came all over your words, I’ve found the place.(Spirit told me HE prevents only us reading this.)


    OK…..  I was told: Armor Bearer. whta’s with that ? ? ?

    breathing  Him,



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