Tested by the Word

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    Kimberly Fowler

    Trials are subject to my name. Undue circumstances or any hardship, rights that others take over you, anything that is not justified, these are all under my bidding, my leadership, my sovereignty. Not that I authorized those things, I did not, but rather that I can condemn those things over you, but you must let me lead.

    I legislate your life. Have you given me lead in your life? Then I will subdue those matters under your authority. I cause My Word to be authorized in your mouth. I will cause my Word to be validated in you and by you with the authority I give unto you.

    Take authority by my name and Word. Subdue the earth. Take matters under you in submission. Command my Word into the situation and watch me move. I have all things in control by the power of my Word, the power of My name within your spirit.

    Watch me work on your behalf. Watch me lead and guide you with the workings of my Spirit leading you to work/ warfare/demonstrate my power within you.

    Power, beloved; authenticate who the power is. Is it you, working to perform on your behalf? Or are you willing to let ME perform on your behalf? Authenticate your power. I will perform those works in you, NOT you.

    I allow my Word to be tested in you, proved in you. I allow situations to come to prove my Word developed in you. These are tests, beloved, not situations outside of your control. The power of my Word will prove you, test you, authenticate you. These situations ground you, establish you (My Word in you) They prove my Word to you. Believe Me. I will establish my Word over you, through you, and in you. Meditate on my Word, let it be in your mouth, let it come through your lips.

    Genuine, approved, trustworthy: the working of my Word on your behalf! I am FOR you! Never doubt that! Medicate (lol-gentle smile)/meditate on that. I am your God FOR you! I am WITH you, never leaving you, always at your side, always having your back! You are MINE, beloved, never doubt that.

    (I see the word “GOLD”)
    As silver is tried in the fire, so is my Word tried in you, but it is not my Word being tested (My Word is already proved), but My Word is being ESTABLISHED in you. It is being tested and approved FOR you when you see it performed on your behalf. My word is proven to work in you, in your spirit. Your spirit realizes the authenticity of that word. It is proven on your behalf. My Word cannot lie, so it is tested in your spirit and proved to be genuine. I prove my Word FOR you. I show it to you. It is my testimony TO you, my covenant FOR you. My covenant is my WORD!

    The Word works! Prove it, see if I will not perform it on your behalf. “Be bold and very courageous, Joshua!” (grinning)

    Darkness is coming (has come) over the earth. Great darkness has come over the people. The Word is being tested in you to overcome that darkness. I have called you to be light unto that darkness, but you must have my Word to illuminate that darkness, to prove what is real and what is false. Abide in Me and in My Word. I will show mighty wonders in the days ahead but you must be established in my Word to perform the miracles I desire. You must be tested and tried by fire. I will establish My Word in you. Genuine and Approved by Me!

    “Is not My Word like fire…” Jer 23:29

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    Clu Monroe

    Cool word. I’ll take it :0)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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