Tested by fire

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    Kimberly Fowler

    Seeing a picture- a white toaster, then a piece of bread that has come from the toaster (still resting in the toaster but up). The edges around the bread looks toasted almost burnt around the edges, but the main part of the bread looks like it has never been toasted at all (even though the edges all around are a bit burnt). The main part of the bread is TOTALLY white, so white that I have never seen bread that white before! And it looks so soft and tender and so WHITE!
    Word that I got with this:
    “To the pure in heart, all things are pure.”
    (The burnt edges though to me represent having gone through the fire-getting burned!)

    Now I see the side of the toast and half of the toast on the one side is toasted. Half from top to bottom- the right side of the bread is now lightly toasted while ironically the left side of the piece of bread is still incredibly white, but the right side which is lightly toasted still has the whiteness showing underneath. (Salted by fire) And now the right side is getting darker from being toasted and smoke is now rising from the bread on that side.
    (The smoke speaks to me of the fragrance/smell/aroma/perfume that arises to God as a burnt offering.)
    Getting the word “aroma”, toast has a certain “smell/fragrance” to it! You can tell when bread has been toasted.
    Getting the word “tested” (like toasted)!-having gone through the fire.
    Getting the word “circumcised”.
    I see now like an oven surrounding me, as if I am the toast, and I see the confinement of the oven and the electrical conduits that heat up. I can sense the smell of the hot coils of the oven, a hot electrical smell.
    A thought comes to me…manna was eaten in the wilderness, and the true “Manna from Heaven”/Jesus was tested in the wilderness. He is the bread of life. We are also of that bread, we are His body.
    I am now seeing another picture of a loaf of bread being baked in an oven but I see a pat of butter on the top of the loaf that is slowly melting and running down over the top of the loaf and down over the sides of the loaf, to me symbolizing oil running from the top to the bottom (anointed in the fire of the furnace).
    Also thinking of clay (we are like earthen vessels)… clay is molded and shaped, then put in a kiln (a furnace) to finally make it into the vessel in which it was meant to remain.
    Remembering that in the Bible, offerings to God were placed on the altar to be burned. We offer our lives as living sacrifices unto God.

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