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    Chris Williams

    Beloved, be blessed, Child, Amen Amen and again Amen.

    As I sat in prayer I saw the sky’s horizon open up; the clouds and horizon had a blueish tint to it. The clouds parted to make an entryway for me.  What I saw was absolutely beautiful, and I knew that I was walking into heaven and on my way home. As I walked into the horizon, with no effort, I saw that I was wearing an ankle length white robe.

    [Jesus then said, “Rest, and see Me, Amen, Chris]

    I saw Jesus walking toward me in a white robe and shoulder length hair. He did not stop until He stood directly in front of me.  I heard God say, several times, “Listen.”

    As I listened, I saw a long path that looked like light or glass (see Rev 15:2-3).  The path got narrower at the far end of it (see Matt 7:13-17).  I could not determine if this was because it truly shrunk in width, or because it went so far into the distance. Jesus said, “This is your path home [to heaven].”

    I then heard Him quickly say, “I am with you always, and I am protecting you continually.”  I saw Him position Himself in front of me, on each side of me, and in back of me.  Jesus then stood beside me, and put His arm around my shoulder. As He did this, the path immediately shortened and stopped directly in front of us.  He said, “You have seen this path as a long one, and yourself with much more time on earth to finish it.

    He then showed me, and confirmed that I am only one step away from completing my walk down this path: my time on earth.  I am so encouraged in knowing that my time here on earth is short, and that Jesus will never leave my side.  I see and know that He is by my side, and that I will now remain at His side forever: as will all of His Beloved Children.

    We will all finish this walk together as a Husband with His Beloved Wife (see Rev 19:7-8). Through Jesus’ eyes I have now seen, and will continue to see my distance home as a short trip; a trip in which I am NEVER alone. None of us are. We all travel this time together with Jesus. Each Child has their own path, and Christ travels it with us: especially in these last days.  He is with each of us every minute of every day and night.  He now says, “Know My presence with you always.”

    As we allow Him His time with us daily, we finish our walk home; and He shortens the path for us when we clearly see the truth as never seen before. We see why we are on earth, and how God has, and will continue to work through us.  We see and experience His immense love for us.  What seemed unbearable becomes God’s VISIBLE glory, beauty, and love.  We see that we can, and will take our one last step home together through, and with Christ; and that His Will for us is always perfect.

    He now says, “Those with courage are those willing to take the last step with Me.  I will carry you Myself and you will not fall or fail, Amen Amen and again Amen.  My Will is that we succeed and ascend together, Amen, saith your Lord, Amen.


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