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    Kevin Barrett

    Word from the Father:

    My people, listen to your heavenly Father this day. I know and I see the turmoils that your cities and nations are going through. But you must know that in spite of all this, I am still in control.

    Just a little while longer, My lovely ones.  I must allow these things to continue just a little while longer to shake the strongholds loose and off of My people. Yes, I am shaking loose all that seeks to keep My people bound in a stupor and spiritual slumber. I am shaking My people awake so that they may arise and shake off their slumberness of spirit and all sins and weights that so easily besets them.

    Now listen, there is another virus coming soon that will be worse than the present one.  Some may call it the same, but it will be a new manufactured virus, and this one will cause many more deaths than the present one has. But fret not, I have each of you in the palm of My hand, so long as you continue in My ways and walk in My love and obedience at all times.

    My dearest ones, I have treasures of heaven that I wish to bestow on each of you. But you must learn to rise above the soulish realm and dwell in the heavenly realm where I am. Rise above the enemy of your soul and sit where I sit, looking down upon the storms of life. Sit where I am in peace, prosperity, and great authority.

    My lovely ones, I have great plans for each of you. But at the same time, I am shaking all that can be shaken. And you will not be overtaken by the waters so long as you stay by My side at all times and do not stray from the paths that I have laid before each of you. For if you do stray, there are dangers that you know not of that are waiting to take you out. I do not wish this for any of you.

    So then, get alone with Me as often as you can and see things from My perspective. Rest in Me. For I am doing great things in the earth that many know not of. And some of those things shall be exposed soon as you witness my judgments upon people, nations, and governments, while at the same time you will witness My great favor upon those who have been faithful to Me.

    Now then, do not be overcome by all the violence and chaos you are witnessing. Yet, war against it in the realm of My Spirit. Speak My words of love, peace, and victory over the dark clouds that are attempting to engulf your cities.

    Yes, I have allowed much of this to cause My people to awaken. And so I am saying to you, awaken from your slumber and take your rightful place in the Spirit. And as you do, listen to My still small voice leading you to defeat the darkness that is attempting to take over your cities and nations.

    Now, even though I am allowing much of this to go on. It is not My purpose nor My desire for the enemy to establish his full reign on the earth just yet. Much of what you see and observe in your governments with their strict rules and ordinances is the enemy attempting to take full control before his time. But I will not allow this for I shall give My people time to purify and prepare themselves before the hour of darkness comes. For darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people, but My light and glory shall shine upon those who rise up in purity, righteousness, and authority of My Spirit.

    So again I say, rise up, My people. Awaken to the times in which you live. It is time to take your authority and proclaim victory over your land and people. Push back the darkness that is attempting to take over your cities and nations. Speak My love and peace into the atmosphere and watch what I will do.

    Yes, the shakings will continue. But if you allow, you shall establish great victory, healing, and revival in the midst of all the fear, violence, and chaos. For it is My desire for you to establish My will on earth as it is in heaven. It is My desire that My love and power flow through each of you to a hurting and dying world. And now is the time for your light to shine before men like never before….for now is the time that people are seeking for answers that they cannot find in their governments. And YOU, My people, shall be the answer they are looking for.

    My dearest ones, I love you all so much with an everlasting love. And I have so much to show you. But now is the time to rise up and take your authority in Christ Jesus and declare My will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. For I have much work that needs to be done in bringing many of the lost into My house and restoring the old foundations so that I may raise up a mighty people in these last days who will carry My glory to a lost and dying world.

    It is My desire that each of you partake in this plan of Mine. But I MUST have your obedience in this. Do not get ahead of Me, and do not lag behind. But take My hand and allow Me to lead you by My Spirit. I will show each of you the way in which you shall go. And as you do this work hand-in-hand with Me, I shall confirm My work through you with signs and wonders. But again, you must be willing and obedient to partake in this journey with Me. Are you willing, My lovely ones?

    So then, get alone with Me often and quiet your soul so that you may discern My still small voice speaking to you. I will guide each of you into all that I have for you. And it will NOT be burdensome, but it will be easy, light and joyful.

    I love you all so much and I am so excited for what I have for each of you in these last days. Your hearts will be thrilled beyond anything you can comprehend. But know this, the enemy would have you all bound by his fear and lies. Do not fall for his traps. Do not fear the things you see coming upon the wicked and unjust. But instead, stay close to Me and walk in faith, love, and obedience at all times and I will protect you, and no evil will overtake you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling. A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only witness the punishment of the wicked and unjust.

    Now then, rise up, My people, and take your rightful place with Me in the Spirit. I am waiting for each of you. Take time to sit at My feet often and wait upon My Spirit to come and lift you up to sit where I am and you shall be safe at all times as you carry My Spirit with you wherever you go. Do as I say, and all will be well with you…


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