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    Jacky Julyan

    The Storm of All Storms
    WORD from the LORD 11.30 am UK time
    Scriptures from 2 Kings 20:1-11 and Psalm 91

    Youtube Podcast

    My children, My people, prepare to meet thy maker for I am the LORD of heaven and earth. I, the LORD am the only Saviour. There is no other god, there are no other gods. Before Me there is no other.
    My children, My people, I am warning you that the storm of all storms is to come upon the face of this earth.

    It is time to get your house in order
    It is time to come before Me to repent or you will perish
    It is time to call upon the Name of the LORD
    It is time to forsake all for My sake

    It is time to let go of all your idols whether they be what your eyes see, or your ears hear, or those idols hidden in your hearts.

    It is time for I see all those hidden idols and I will expose them for I am the Light of the world. In Me there is no darkness. So bring them to Me in all humility lest I pass you over into the kingdom of darkness, to the workers of iniquity.

    This is My mercy. This is My love for I will have no other gods before Me.

    It is time for obedience to My Word.
    It is time to place Me above all things.

    Come away ….. Come away ….. Do not walk in step with the wicked. Do not stand in the way of sinners, for I have called you to be a holy people, a peculiar people, unto holiness I have called you. I have called you into the Kingdom of Light not the dominion of darkness ruled by the principalities of this world and of Satan. For his darkness has no part in My Kingdom.

    Come away …. Come away ……
    Do not sit in the company of mockers.
    Do not partake in their idolatry.

    My children, My people now is the time to come to Me for you need to be sheltered from the storm of all storms that will rip the earth apart like never before. You cannot even in your wildest imaginations glean what evil man is preparing for his fellow men. The enemy is unleashed and there is a wicked brewing of such evil only I, the LORD can save you and move you out of harm’s way.

    This is not the time to be complacent.
    This is not the time for dancing, for festivities.
    It is a time for mourning, for sack cloth and ashes. Only in Me shall you find rest and shelter from the storm of all storms.

    These are no idle threats as many will suppose. These are sober times and the events to unfold will happen suddenly. The blast, the explosion of events will ripple across the whole world.
    Do not be deceived of Peace, there is no peace ahead only war and wickedness.

    I call you to come away ….. Come away ….. With Me at this time.

    It is the time to listen to Me, not man. Seek My Face. Seek Me in the cleft of the Rock, for your very life will be saved only by the covering of My Hand.

    There is no time to procrastinate. Seek My shelter. Seek to rest in My Shadow. I am the only Fortress that is able to protect you from the coming storm of storms.

    Come away ….. Come away … there is no other name but Jesus who can save you.

    A wicked trap that even men do not realise is to come upon the whole earth. The consequences borne out of ignorance, out of deceitful hearts, unrepentant hearts.

    Now is the time to get your house in order
    Now is the time of repentance.
    Now is the time to get rid of all your idols, even those no-one can see, yet I, the LORD, test every man’s heart. I know all things.

    Behold! My servants, faithful, waiting upon Me hour after hour deliver My Words not of peace but words of warning. For this is My Mercy, this is My Love.

    Do not love the world or anything in it, for if you do you share not in the Kingdom of My Father.
    My Kingdom is not of this world.

    Seek Me and live
    Seek Me and I will shelter you from the coming storm of all storms.

    Do not be deceived, when you hear the words ‘Peace Peace’ know that sudden destruction will come.
    Know this My children, My people, if you love Me with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength I will rescue you, I will protect you. When you call out in the day of trouble I will sweep down upon wings as eagles and lift you up out of the miry pit. I will deliver you, for I am the Jesus I am mighty to save, there is no other name under heaven by which men can be saved.

    So My children, My people now is the time to come away ……

    Seek My Face, Seek Me so you shall live, for I, Jesus hold the keys to death and Hades.

    Do not be deceived for man means you harm for he is of the world and sits in darkness.
    I, Jesus am from My Father’s Kingdom. I and My Father only have heaven in mind.

    Come away ….. Come away …..
    Do not be deceived My Children, My People. Do not be deceived by deceptive words, they are words that lead only to death.

    Choose Life ….. Choose Life ….

    The days are drawing near, the time of My Coming is sooner than you think.

    REPENT or you will perish


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