Stamped With Approval

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    Kimberly Fowler

    Stamped with approval…

    My child, as I look at you, my eyes see your innocence; stamped with approval, my approval, for you are my workmanship. Right now you see your failings, your “incompleteness” which you somehow see as failings or failure in yourself, in my completion of you. Yet I see detail needing to be worked out in completion of the work I am doing in you. You focus on what is lacking, yet I am looking at a farther picture of you, one in which you are complete and whole in Me and Me whole in you. You see a part of it, but the missing pieces draw your eye/attention. You are not seeing the completed portrait, one in which I envision Myself in you complete in Me. You look at “you”, I look at Me, Myself in you, the one I see peering back at me in you, the eyes of the child of the Father. Yes, I see Myself in you. You still see “you”; you are not looking at “Me in you” what I see, but you are focusing on your “miss-steps”, searching for approval. I have already approved you by the rebirth of My Son in you. You no longer need my approval; you HAVE it. You have been given the gift of My Son whom I approve greatly. How much more approval do you need? You are searching for the approval of a Father who has given you the greatest gift mankind has been given- GRACE! Grace to be accepted as a child of God. Now you know I love you, but your heart hasn’t accepted the realization of My grace for you, the completed work of the cross of Calvary, the gift My Son gave when He gave Himself for you, for your completeness in Me. You have not realized the scope or the magnitude of the cross and what has been accomplished by that. And so you are seeking approval from One who has already given the grace of the cross. You have been forgiven much and you have been accepted by the blood of the cross. Now receive it as your due, not because you are worthy of it, because no man is worthy, but you are  accepted in Christ because of Christ, My Son. Only in His worth is your worth and acceptance complete and whole. So now you are accepted in the Beloved, in the gift of My Son. My gift, My “grace” is your acceptance. You are loved! And you are accepted. I love you! Beloved!


    Rose Cowen

    As I was breezing through the posts this my caught my eye…and I feel like I needed to read it and it needs to be brought back up ..I am hearing for inspection….like the army of God…there are those today and in the following days that need to hear this…..thanking you for posting and thank you God……please always open our eyes and hears to SEE AND HEAR THE THINGS YOU WANT US TO…THANK YOU JESUS…PRECIOUS JESUS…YES AND AMEN…THANK YOU JESUS

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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