Spiritual Gifts?

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    David Darling

    Do you know of anyone that has spiritual gifts? There are some people that go to my church that have gifts so strong they can read you like a book, they can look at you and know everything about you! They keep it quiet and tend to be trustworthy, they would not misuse it, they mostly just quietly pray for you if they see something that is wrong. Another person I know claims to have a healing gift where she can lay hands on you and take anything that is wrong but then she gets<span class=”text_exposed_show”> it! After a few days it leaves her and both are healed. Another man that goes to my church visually sees things in the spirit, he sees auras around people of different colors, one color means illness, another is the power of God on you, and there are quite a few others. Also sometimes while he is praying for people a part of their body flashes red and he knows to lay his hands on it and the power of God is released. Alot of power goes through him, I was not sure about his gifts at first but I am now convinced that it is from God, he has laid his hands on me before and healed me of things and done things that have to be God.</span>

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