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    Lily Deschamps




    In a vision early this morning I was shown potato skins fresh out of the oven.  The flesh inside had been removed.  Suddenly an invisible hand began abundantly sprinkling the potato skins with bright salt.


    During ancient Israel, the people of that day would extract salt from the waters of the Dead Sea.  Salt, known to enhance the taste of food and to preserve it, was used to clean, disinfect and purify open wounds.  Significantly, during those ancient days, salt was also affiliated with the offerings of the tabernacle.  It was used for the sacrifices on the burnt altar and symbolized the everlasting covenant between God and His people. A covenant that would later be ratified by the New Covenant through the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Within the context of this vision, the fleshed-out potato skin represent those who have gone through the purging fire and have remained faithful. Like the Lamb before them, they have laid down their lives, allowing that heavenly fire to remove and crucify the desires and affections of the flesh.  Having reached this stage of spiritual development, they are now being seasoned with heaven’s salt; a people chosen, healed and preserved by the Lord God;  His anointed. A sanctified people of rest and righteousness whose works will be to serve the Lord in the field of the world.

    If you are struggling today in this fallen world, this message is sent to encourage you to press on!  Yes, the fire will burn and yes the water will refresh, revivify and bless.  But the salt from heaven, which is the operation of the Lord through the Holy Spirit and the healing Word, will further season, enhance and preserve you and your works.  Continue to abide and rest in Him and keep on keeping on!

    Keep the Faith in the Lord’s Finished Works,


    Clu Monroe

    Thank you for posting your continued stream of wisdom, direction and encouragement from the Lord Suzanne!

    Ignite us, water us, purify us, and send us dear Lord. Amen.

    Lily Deschamps

    You are welcome dear Clu!

    Much blessings,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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