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    Father, I pray that you will show us any area of our heart which is an open door giving the enemy legal rights to steal, kill and destroy. Show us any area of our heart which we have stuffed any form of bitterness towards another not fully forgiving.

    Show us any area of our faith, which isn’t pure and is of presumption.

    Show us any area of our heart where we are believing a lie whether it is in doctrine, misconception of the word, heresy, false religion, etc.

    Show us any area where we have crossed over into new age practices and the occult.

    We choose to be a people that is a pure vessel that You can live your life through, to show Your power through with mighty signs, wonders, and miracles. We choose to be an army You can trust not to rob You of any glory!

    Re-kindle the flame of Your love within us; make it fresh and clean as a newborn babe. Stir us afresh where we become excited to come into Your presence with expectancy, anticipation and spontaneity!

    Put a deep love for Your word in our hearts with a deep understanding of it. Pour out Your burden upon our hearts, not one that we stir up in the flesh, and enable us to pray it through. Help us to stay focused upon Your will and Your ways.

    Get us ready to stand firm with head set like flint against the enemy where we overcome by the power of Your blood, our bold testimony, loving not our lives unto death.

    We repent of playing church with a party spirit! We repent of wasting time not realizing the seriousness of the hour. We repent of every form of idolatry and addiction not being fully satisfied with only You. May our deep and lasting comfort be from You! Rise us up a mighty army full of warring worshipers I pray! In Jesus name!!!!

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