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    Yolanda Ballard


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    There has been a false stigma placed on women that is a deception of the enemy that many had believed that women were the ones who led man astray. Yes, this is false and I will tell you why.

    All these years that I had been reading the Bible I thought Eve corrupted man when she was tempted by satan to eat of the tree that Adam was commanded by God not to touch. I never realized that Eve wasn’t even there yet when God told Adam not to touch the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I always imagined them being together and God telling them both.

    When Eve got tempted, Adam should have guided her not to eat of it. He should have been her spiritual head and tell her not to but instead he yielded to the woman being tempted and he ate with her. From the beginning man did not be responsible to obey God and to lead woman in obedience to God.

    From then on many men have become the weaker spiritual vessel and women had to rise up like Deborah and go after the enemy. You see more women doing spiritual warfare in prayer meetings and being on fire for God while the men become laid back in the things of the Lord. This is a stigma placed on man because of the disobedience and rebellion of Adam. This has been passed on from generation to generation hindering spiritually men from being in divine order to God!

    I prayed with my husband to break off this stigma of man being the weaker spiritual vessel where woman always have to rise up to be. Because Adam didn’t take the lead, the spiritual divine order of the family became perverted. Father, I pray restoration of divine order in the family in Jesus name.

    Men need to break this off of them for it is a hindrance in their walk with God and in their authority over the enemy. Women need to pray with their husband to restore the spiritual divine order of their family where the man becomes the priest of their home in Jesus name.

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