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    Open up your eyes so that you can see. Open up your ears so you can hear Me calling your name. Examine your heart for there is a rumbling and a quaking coming over the land. Yes, there is a major shifting taking place and if you are not on the right side, the side that I am on, you will fall off into the sea of forgetfulness. Yes, many will forget that they ever knew Me.

    Both in the spirit and in the natural many are falling off into a major falling away. They have chosen to live in the state of complacency rather than to become hot for Me and My ways. They look at it like they have much time to return to Me but I say this very hour that if you do not cry out for mercy and for restoration this hour, you will never be able to return to the place you once had with Me as before when you desired to seek My face and to serve Me and to love My people. You will never be able to experience the delight of My intimate presence and love and the anticipation of seeing Me move with great signs and wonders.

    For the enemy is taking over the land with a vengeance to steal, kill and destroy what I have set up. But he cannot do it because I am greater in you than he who is out to destroy the world. If you stay close to My side, we can still accomplish all that I have called you to do, that is to raise both the spiritual and the natural dead, to heal the sick, to save the lost, to open up blind eyes so they can see Me, and to open up deaf ears so they can hear Me calling their name, and most of all to set captives free so they can know Me and love Me and become part of My end time army.

    Rise up, My mighty warriors, and let out a victory cry that we win over the lies of the enemy for I am building up My kingdom that lasts throughout eternity and I am king and I reign victorious. So I call you to My side, to the place of safety and victory, says your Lord and King.

    You are my hiding place. You will preserve me from trouble. You will surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:7

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