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    A message from Psalm 91

    Shared by Yolanda Ballard

    He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. It all begins in that secret place. Where is this place, how do you enter, and how do you stay there.

    It is a place in the spirit that you can enter into, like a key to opening a door to receive all the promises for protection from God. It is a place that is hidden from all enemy forces, a place of safety and peace, and a refuge from the storms of life.

    To remain hidden from harm at all times you must stay in this place of secrecy. How do you enter into this place and how do you stay there? You must enter in by going deep within your spirit man where God dwells, deep within your heart where communion begins with your Creator. This is the place where God first placed a conscience within you that had been seared by sin.

    It is returning to that deep calls out to deep even as a babe you knew of this place. You knew Me before you were born; you knew of this secret place. It is returning to that oneness with the One who loves you and wants to dwell with you always. He is our dwelling place of safety but you must return to this place of safety by entering in.

    Even after you become born again this place is sealed because of hardness of heart, the rebellion of sin, independence and pride. That place is sealed from you and you must have circumcision of heart to enter in. Almost like having scales removed from your eyes to see in the Spirit you must have this layer of hardness taken from your heart to be able to enter into this deep place.

    Many are even afraid to enter into this deep place of communion with God. They even run from it but to have the promises of God operating to the fullest measure you must enter in and stay in this place.

    Yes, sin, unforgiveness, and resentment seal over your heart where you cannot remain open and tender to God to be able to stay in the place where constant communion abides. Yes, our hearts must be pure to see God to walk in this communion, to abide in this secret place.

    Return to this place of innocence, to this place you knew of even in the womb. You knew God in this place. He knew you and communed with you even before the foundation of the world. He knew His own and they knew Him.

    He is in the process of restoring this communion even now as He ushers in the end time harvest. We must all enter that place of intimacy with God, that place of innocence, to that place of truly loving God, to that deep within the deep, to that secret place and abide hidden under the shadow of the Almighty.

    Even though not all will enter into this secret place. Not all will desire this communion and intimacy with God. Yes, not all are His bride but to those who are He is in the process of doing a deep work cleansing the heart enabling them to enter in. He who began a good work is faithful to complete it.

    I know the first step is recognizing the hardness of heart and the lack of desire to draw close to God, and then to repent of unbelief, rebellion, and idolatry, ask God to forgive, renounce the enemy, and ask God to enter in to restore the bridal love He had first placed in our heart for Him.

    All you need to do is to be willing and He is doing that right now if you have read down this far. Say, “yes, Lord!” He will lead you in how to pray. This is the day of new beginnings, of restoration, for this is the year of the restoration of love for you! You are His bride and He delights over you and is excited for what is happening in you right now!!!

    Come into that place of love, of safety and restoration, of being the Bride he called you to be. He is excited as a husband who wants to keep you in a safe place hidden from the snares of the enemy. Yes, Jesus is excited over having you alone in His secret place!!!

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