By Lana Vawser

There is great recompense upon the Pioneers in this season, I have been prophesying this for a little while, but over the last month or so, the intensity of this word has been building with me.

There is an increase of RECOMPENSE that is being released upon the Pioneers right now. Many of you have fought battles that are bigger than you ever imagined. Some of you have been in the valley deeper than you have ever been. Others of you have faced many difficult battles and trials, but are beginning to feel the relief of the shift in the season that is taking place. Some of you have been feeling like you cannot toil the ground anymore. Others of you are starting to feel the bubbling joy of new life and promises springing forth all around you – seeing the beginning of the increase of fruit. Whatever part of the process you are in, I want to encourage you with this….

The Lord showed me that many “BUT’S” have come up against the Pioneers in this season. Many of you have continually felt like you are butting up against the “BUT’S” of impossibility, the but’s of attack, the but’s of things coming against the promises and vision God has given you. But in the butting up against these ‘BUT’s” you have continued to steward the ground God has given you. You have continued to sow seeds of obedience where He has called you to plough….

Not only is HARVEST time upon you, but there is a divine RECOMPENSE OF GOD upon you that where these “BUT’s” have come against the vision, have come against the ground, have come against the area the Lord has called you to toil and plough, there is now a powerful demonstration of “BUT GOD” that is going to explode into your life and land. What has been sown, the seeds you don’t even see anymore, the power of God is falling upon those seeds and SUDDENLY harvest will explode upon you.


I also some seeds of promise the enemy had come and stolen and I heard the words…

“The “BUT GOD” that is being released into your life will CAUSE a great REMAINING. The seed will take root this time, remain and BEAR GREAT FRUIT!!!”

I heard the Lord say “Pay specific attention to the AREA which the enemy stole from you.. for NOW I am releasing upon you a divine restoration, recompense and INCREASE.”


The Lord is commanding the enemy to repay SEVEN TIMES what has been stolen from you. (Proverbs 6:31) The enemy has been relentless against many of you, but you have kept your eyes on Jesus, you have kept your hands lifted high in worship and mouths full of praise. You have stood when in the natural it looks like there is no reason to stand anymore, let alone hope… but you have REMAINED, and I heard the Lord say “Where you have REMAINED, now you shall enter YOUR REWARD.”

There is RECOMPENSE and REWARD upon you Pioneers. I saw this beautiful work of the Holy Spirit deep within you Pioneers, in the fire, the Lord has birthed and is birthing a deeper yieldedness within you. I felt the beautiful whisper of His heart to MANY Pioneers “Well done, well done, well done”, His heart is moved by your obedience in the fire, your face as a flint, your abandonment to extending His Kingdom, you have moved His heart with your live laid down as a living sacrifice.


I saw the eyes of the Lord upon the “stewardship” of what He has released into the hands of the Pioneers. I saw the Lord’s eyes roaming and He was looking for those who were stewarding with purity, obedience and yieldedness to Him what was given unto them. He eyes have fallen upon the purity of stewardship. Where there has been stewardship of the small, and of the large, with integrity, with purity and excellence, I saw the Lord bringing increase. He is now entrusting many Pioneers with increase. They have cried and continue to cry out to Him for wisdom (James 1:5), not that things have been done perfectly, but the there has been a purity of heart and yieldedness that has moved Him, moved His heart. He is now adding increase!