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    Prophetic Scribes, You Are Arrows In The Quiver Of The Lord!
    by Dawn Hill, Bristol, VA

    Not too long ago, I woke up thinking about Isaiah 49:2:

    “He made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of His hand He hid me; He made me a polished arrow; in His quiver He hid me away.” I could sense a stirring taking place over the prophetic scribes in this hour. There is so much that God wants to release through His scribes, and He is preparing His ready writers to go forth as arrows in the spirit. He is desiring to fashion us as mighty weapons in His Kingdom while holding us close in the secret place so that we hear His voice and release His words and His heart.

    As an arrow, it is important to understand the need for intimate proximity to the Lord and the process by which arrows are formed and fashioned. Arrow making is a painstaking process requiring time, testing and patience. Your time in the quiver is vital to developing your magnificent purpose in Him. Without the process, you will not fulfill the fullness of His design.

    Prophetic scribes are arrows in the quiver of the Lord. The words that you release are to carry His anointing. As I studied about the use of arrows in Biblical times, I came across some interesting things that spoke to me prophetically. I want to encourage those of you who are mandated to release the word of the Lord through elements of writing in this hour.

    Prophetic Scribes are Long Range Weapons

    Arrows were powerful weapons in Biblical times. Arrows were long range weapons, hitting targets hundreds of yards away. Composite bow and arrows were made of several parts, and they required a higher level of skill and bodily control to use than a simple bow and arrow. Archers were trained on a simple bow and arrow first before transitioning to the composite version.

    When an arrow is being formed, the shaft of the arrow is placed in the quiver. This allows time to see if the body of the arrow will remain straight, or if it will warp. Improperly formed arrows will not fly true. The process is extensive but necessary in order to make sure that when released by the archer, the arrow goes as directed.

    Prophetic scribes, expect testing, God’s timing, and patience while being formed and fashioned in His presence. Some of you may feel as if your words are simple, but even simple words are powerful words when anointed by the Lord. When you are found faithful in the simple, God will entrust you with more. We must understand that when He entrusts us with the more, the “composite weaponry” more is required of us.

    Prophetic Scribes Have a Prime Target

    Scribes should not forsake the secret place, the quiver of the Lord. We want the words released to be sound and to fly true. Many times, we like to launch words without testing them according to His Word. These words may need more time to be formed, and if launched prematurely, they will not fly sound and not hit the desired target.

    Arrows are designed to hit a specific target. They are never launched out into the wide open spaces haphazardly, hoping to hit something. They are released with the intention of penetrating a primary target. Prophetic scribes are mandated to release anointed words of the Father, and the target to penetrate is the hearts of men.

    These words are meant to go the distance. They bring victory to one Kingdom while defeating another. His words released through you are meant to reach distances you may never physically travel. We are designed to carry the anointing of the Lord. His anointing destroys the yokes. Zechariah 9:14 refers to God’s arrows of deliverance for His people. The words that God ordains you to release are to bring deliverance and transformation for those who will receive them.

    Prophetic Scribes Radiate His Glory

    I love how Isaiah describes himself as a polished arrow in the quiver of the Lord. The quiver is a dark place, yet a polished arrow is identified in His quiver. Scribes, you are to be polished arrows radiating His light and His glory.

    God is preparing some of you to release words that will bring devastation to the kingdom of darkness. He is keeping you close. As the scribes are released, I see Him pulling us back into the secret place so that we can launch out once again with His anointing and His glory. He wants you to bend to His will so that His anointing can carry the words He gives you with precision and truth.

    He wants the words of the scribes to be accurate and to never miss the intended mark. He wants arrows tried and true. He desires those who would not forsake being hidden in the shadow of His hand. It is in the abiding, the contentment of being hidden away in Him, that we are then truly found. We as polished arrows shine like the sun when we are launched by the Master Archer.

    The Mandate of the Ready Writers

    I see passion being stirred on the inside of those who would read the words of anointed scribes. I see arrows penetrating hearts of stone because of the anointing upon His scribes. I see words of redemption launching out, extending beyond man’s borders, boundaries and barriers.

    Some of you may feel as if you have been in the quiver for a long time, but I would say to you that God saw something in you to place you close to Him. Do not abandon the process. Some of you may feel as if your words are falling to the ground. Maybe your shaft is being tested and tried in the quiver. Finish the process of formation. When God places the tip on the arrow and His feathers on the shaft, we can go the distance and soar to His intended destination.

    Dawn Hill
    Lovesick Scribe

    Email: click here

    Dawn Hill is a writer and blogger also known as the Lovesick Scribe and has been featured in Charisma News. The inspiration behind Lovesick Scribe came about a few years ago when she started keeping a journal, following a powerful encounter with God’s presence. Since that time, she has faithfully kept her journal and ministered at times on things that the Lord has given her to release or to meditate upon. Her life has changed drastically over the past year and continues to change at an accelerated pace as she steps out into the deeper realms with God, desiring to maintain the obedience and innocent faith as His child. Dawn Hill is a wife, a mother, a prophetic voice, and above all else, a lover of His presence. She desires to stir up passion on the inside of you to glorify the Lord, to fall in love with Him, and to hear His voice for yourself. There is so much more that He longs to reveal to us and through each of us. Dawn Hill’s heart and ache is for His presence, and she desires to share His heartbeat with you so that your heart can sync its rhythm with His.


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