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    Kimberly Fowler

    I heard the name Dasa from my Spirit. I looked up the name Dasa and found it means…”servant”. Then I wanted to look up Eileen Fisher to see her prophecies. I have not read her prophecies for a couple of years, but right after I heard Dasa, I read this prophecy from Eileen Fisher:


    Eileen Fisher Ministries
    September 12, 2017
    “Hear the sound of the trumpets that will release My people to come out of the cave?  But for My own, this day, this hour, I am saying, ‘Come into the cave.’
    “Let the fire of My Spirit that I have burning for you burn, so that I can warm your hearts back; to where your hearts will burn within you with a holy zeal; so that you can walk among the people with indifference and a cold spirit, and you will burn them with My Presence, because you carry the flame of My Spirit,” says the Lord.
    “Listen to My voice in the cave.  Let My wind stir up the fire in the cave.  Let Me bring forth all that would burn in the cave.  It is only there to burn away sorrow, death, disease and destruction.  But it is there also to burn out pain and rejection, and shame and indifference.  And the ashes will stay in that cave, but I promise you this, those ashes will be turned into beauty, for you will become a mirror and a reflection of the Risen Savior.
    “For I am looking for a people who will not look to the left or the right for approval or disapproval, but they will set their faces like flint to hear My voice; that they will be a people that will recognize My breeze, My stillness and My hurricanes; to where they will be caught up in the whirlwind of My love.  But they will be sent with the breeze at their back and the gentleness of My pressure in their face, so that they will tilt their faces up, and let the reflection of the love of God shine down.
    “For I would fill you tonight with grace, after grace, after grace, and I would begin to pour out on you tonight the seed of revival that will rekindle you in that cave.  And it will merely be an encounter, not a house to dwell in, but it will be a coming away, an impartation.
    “And each must come alone.  And each must come as mountain would beckon to the mountain—out of obedience, out of hunger, out of curiosity for a burning bush, but yet out of a zeal in the heart for obedience.
    “I promise you, as My people come out of the cave—they leave death and they move into life, for I am releasing healing over My nation.  But first I must come and take away the disease of indifference and apathy.  And it will not be done in the soulish realm, nor will it be done by man, screaming from corner to corner, ‘they are right and demand their rights.’  But it will come from a holy people that will demand the right of a living God.

    It will come out of My righteousness; it will come from the heart of servants who walk in humility and power and submission.
    “They will not come demanding to be served, but they will come with a holy fire, longing to serve.  For I am looking for a servant who will serve out of My Spirit and with My Spirit, and in that heart, and in that attitude, My Spirit will begin to bubble from your very ground.  He will bubble up out of the flesh of My people.  And He will spill over like millions and millions of tiny streams that begin to run through your streets again with life, with worship, with the holy fear of God, that will put even sin to shame in those who are raising banners of hate and indifference.
    “I have not come to subdue, but I have come to capture hearts,” says the Lord your God, “but first I must capture the hearts of My own, and they in turn must capture My heart.  For this will not happen out of the heart of a man, but this will happen out of the heart of a burning zeal to be My people who walk the face of the earth.
    “You will not look to man, nor to woman, nor to position, nor to title, nor to platform, nor even for a ditch, but you will look for spirit-to-spirit, that is crying out to know the love, and the gentleness, and the compassion of a healing heart, of their Father.
    “For I say your nation has become a ‘fatherless nation.’  But I would say tonight I would adopt your father; the heart of your fathers that walks the earth.  I will bring conviction.  I will bring fire.  And I will capture their hearts first, to where they will come with surrender, submission and the fear of the Lord.  And then I will capture the hearts of the women who will present their hearts like Mary, longing to serve, hand-in-hand.
    “These will be fathers of the Spirit.  These will be mothers of the Spirit.  These will be children that are nurtured by My Spirit.  And so there will come a birthing of spirits in the Kingdom of God that will come to this earth.  For I am looking for My people who are going to and fro, but now I am saying, ‘Come into the cave for the adoption.’  And as I adopt you, you will not be sent out nameless, but you will stand in the ‘I AM’, and the ‘I AM’ will stand in you.  And you will not be fearful, for you will look face-to-face, but full of compassion and love.
    “I want a colorblind people.  I want people who do not look merely at skin or even at sexual identity, but I want a people who will begin to go and take spirits that are broken and lift them up to My Presence for healing; for spirits are created for eternity, and I am an eternal God, and you, My people, are an eternal spirit.
    “For tonight I would say: ‘Burn.  Burn.  Burn.’  For I promise you this, I created you to last for all eternity.  Be not concerned at the shambles that you see.  Don’t even waste your time.  But instead, build altar, after altar, after altar, of consecration and worship.  And I promise you this, you will send up a holy smoke of incense of prayer.  And I will receive them and rain down the answers,” says the Lord your God, “for your Father will not have a ‘fatherless nation,’ for you are My people and I say, I am your Abba.

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