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    Yolanda Ballard

    Prayer for Texas

    Shared by Yolanda Ballard

    When one suffers, we all suffer as a nation.  What we pray for one state will affect all of us!  Let us agree together allowing God’s love and power to flow for our brothers and sisters who are now in harm’s way, who are suffering with loss of life and property, who are being tormented through all of this.  Let us believe that good will come out of all this.

    Why should we limit our God to the natural? Pray for miracles of greater works over Texas. Command floods to dry up and restoration of property. Pray for them to have mighty encounters with God, for His saving grace to flow, that He would be glorified.

    Father, nothing is impossible with You. You said to command mountains to move out of our life. I command the flood to dry up, that property be restored, for creative miracles, that you would raise the dead, and bring healin<span class=”text_exposed_show”>g to those who have been hurt, in Jesus name.</span>
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    I will not limit my faith before man that they say I’m peculiar. We are to be like a child and trust that God can do anything. Father, You said greater works we will do. I pray that You will restore Texas in Jesus name. I pray great peace and joy and grace flow over the people. Guide them with Your wisdom. Draw them close in your secret place. Meet with them in a mighty way like a hen covering her chicks.

    May this time be a powerful time of communing with You. May it be an encounter with You! Pour out revival fires and have them sweep across the nation. Be glorified once again like when You split the red Sea. We will not limit what You can do. Be magnified! We lift You high for all the world to see that You are a miracle working God, in Jesus name I pray!!!!



    Steven Bliss

    Make it so LORD.

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