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    Father God, I come before you this day and thank you for your great faithfulness for your mercies are new every morning. I thank you that you are in control and that all things will work together for our good according to your riches in mercy in Christ Jesus.

    I thank you that you have given us the grace to walk by faith and not by what we feel or see. In the natural things do not look good according to the election but we will not let go of Your miracle working power and intervention.

    You said whatever you believe for according to Your will we shall receive if we asked in faith and with a pure heart. You said to pray that Your will be done and your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

    Many might not know Your perfect will whether President Trump will get in for another four years but we do know that you said to pray your will be done as it is in heaven. We know that there is no evil in heaven and if the liberals get their way, our nation will be completely taken over by evil and that is not your will.

    We know that in Revelations Your spirit will be taken out of the way from holding evil back but only you know the time frame for that. If we don’t know clearly that you are doing that now, we press in for holiness and righteousness and justice to prevail.

    I know many have become discouraged with what is happening in the natural where it looks like no one of power and authority on earth will intervene but You are king of kings and you sit on the throne of the highest court and what you say overcomes all other authorities. I know you stand for justice and with what has happened with President Trump’s votes were stolen, that you will make Your justice prevail over this election fraud.

    I pray that you will give President Trump and all who stand with him new wind in our sails, that You will lift him up and encourage him, and refresh his faith and the vision you have given him for America.

    I cover his mind, body, soul and spirit with the power of the blood of Jesus. Yes, Lord God, give him new wind in his sails and don’t allow him to give up along with others. We must stand together and stand strong for Your will, Your holiness, justice and righteousness to prevail in America.

    You are a miracle working God and I pray that You will be our King over this nation. I lift You up, King Jesus, and pray for Your mighty intervention, great grace and divine favor to prevail over all evil in Jesus name I pray.

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