Pray for Frangipane's son

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    Kimberly Fowler

    Dear Friends,
    Our son Justice suffered a critical accident yesterday. Please pray with us for him. He experienced a broken neck and crushed vertebra. He underwent surgery and is being kept in a coma until later today or tomorrow.
    Thank you for your faith-filled prayers.
    Thank you for your prayers for Terri. She is recovering well.
    Francis and Denise Frangipane





    Thank-you for posting this.  I’m praying and going to have others pray.


    In Christ,

    Gene Garcia


    Kimberly Fowler

    My heart breaks when I hear things like this, but it is so easy for the first reaction to be so emotional that our prayers take on our emotion which is made up of not only the spiritual love for the person but also the carnal thoughts of earthly consequence. For example, out thoughts become fear-filled, thinking of worst possible scenarios rather than faith-filledreminded of the same power of God flowing through us that raised Christ from the dead and sits us in heavenly places with Him. That is why it is sometimes easier to pray for a stranger and have faith rather than pray for someone we are emotionally close to because our emotions can actually have an adverse affect on our faith sometimes.

    That sentence stood out to me when Frances Frangipane said:
    “Thank you for your faith-filled prayers.”

    I immediately realized I was praying out of grief and not out of faith!

    I am reminded that when Christ was going to raise the little dead girl (Matthew 9), he made everyone leave the house before He prayed for her. It is preached that He did not want their fear but only wanted those that would surround her with faith.

    We do understand the family may be enduring much pain so they need our prayers as well, but we lift our prayers in expectation of God performing His Word and being well able to do even above and beyond what we can ask or imagine!

    God, thank you for reminding me that my prayers may sometimes be weak and ineffectual when I let emotion control them, that our eyes have to remain fixed on you and not magnify the problem but rather magnify You. God, we ask for a new neck for Francis’s son out of your storehouse. Thank  you for raising the intercessors. Thank you for purifying the prayers so that we pray strong, effectual prayers that avail much power. Elijah prayed and he shut up the heavens from raining. Let us understand the power that is in you made available for us if we would only pray and be in sync with you. You can’t always trust us with your power; you need a clean, holy vessel to pour out your glory. Clean us as a church body that we would reflect your glory and your goodness and your great love for men so you can trust us with your power on earth, so that men would see you (and not us) as your glory is poured out. We lay up an account with you; and Frances has laid up an account with you. You have a book of Remembrance, and we want to ask for that on Francis’ behalf; and do marvelous works for Francis and his son. We ask for creative miracles; we ask for the ministering angels to be strong at work on his behalf. We thank you for the great things you will do in this situation…in Jesus’ name, the name which is above every name in heaven and earth. Amen!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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