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    Rose Cowen

    Watch and see…..I believe if we will watch and really pay attention, we can see all the wonderful ways in which God is moving…..recently my husband and I returned to our home town area to help with a family member that was thought to be advancing with dementia (memory loss and other medical things) and it was and is awesome because this man has been praising and thanking God and after a short time with him….having others and myself praying for him he is up and cooking his own breakfast and his memory seems better…and his physical abilities have improved…..there are MANY negative things in life…death…illness..war…etc. but there ARE also miracles going on every day. A young boy named Jonathan who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s had eye surgery….believe that the presence of God was with him…surgery went well…thank you Jesus, will be praying that the Asperger’s is also healed, and for my relative also named Jonathan praying and believing he will be also be healed of Asperger’s. I am amazed by God and his faithfulness…….THANK YOU JESUS……………………………….it takes my breathe away to think about how much and how in soooooo many ways I see GOD….HE IS THE MAN OF MIRACLES………..MORE LORD MORE…… 🙂


    Kimberly Fowler

    It is good to see you, Rose.

    Ironically I had just been thinking of you this past week and actually thinking of getting in touch with you to see how you are doing. And also ironically, I had just spent last night going over some prior words of encouragement that God had spoken to me over the years, and then I saw that you had remarked on one of the very posts that I had just reread during the night…how providential!

    I am finally exiting a very long season of illness, and finally getting back to health, but have not felt like getting on Open Heaven as of yet. But while I was rereading things God had personally spoken to me in encouragement, the words stirred up my spirit a bit. I had a dream several weeks ago which I did not post on Open Heaven at the time, but I shared it with some friends, and reading the Words from God last night also brought back that dream.

    This is the dream:

    I had a dream where some Mexican people were playing a song on their guitars – a very famous song which I just love and I think I started to sing in tongues along with the melody in the dream. When I woke up I was trying to remember the song, and I thought it was a famous song by the group “Abba”, the Swedish group I used to enjoy so much. But when I remembered the name Abba, I realized that the group name is also the name of God (Father), so I realized that part of the dream was from God. I think the song was Fernando, so I got on YouTube to hear the song and heard someone singing the words, and part of the lyrics, say, “I haven’t seen a rifle in your hands for many years”, and as I listened, I was hearing God speak that to my Spirit, that I had left the battlefield during this time of sickness and hadn’t carried my weapon (the Sword of His Spirit in mighty strength) for a while now. It was like He was saying it was time to get back in the battle again, to pick up my weapon (His sword) and wield it again. It was very precious.

    This is the instrumental of the song and similar to what I heard in the dream from what I remember of it. The actual dream only had the melody.


    Rose Cowen

    Okay Kimberly…this is sooooo God…my friend Maggie and I have always connected with you.  Just a couple of days ago I had seen that a children’s movie Fernando is going to be seen in the theaters December 15 I think and I know I am ALSO SUPPOSE to look up the song Fernando which I haven’t done yet. a lot of your words really speak to my spirit….and I know that the Lord uses and brings forth past words also….just a lot of spirit hitting words and as usual many of yours catch my spirit and eye.  as when I wake I ask the Lord that I see and hear the things HE wants me to….I am so glad that you are breakingthrough from the illness battle…I knew you would walk in Victory, THANK YOU JESUS…..Love to you dear Sister…and I pray a hedge of protection around you….LOVE LOVE LOVE ….I THINK A BEATLES SONG ..BUT THAT IS WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS…THANK YOU JESUS


    Rose Cowen

    Opps..the movie was Ferdinand but from the connection of that I keep hearing the song Fernando……


    Kimberly Fowler

    Rose, you were talking in another post about how God would fall on you so heavily even in the ladies room when you were looking in the mirror. I remember when God’s Presence came one day while I was in the bathroom (in the shower), and I was shocked because I had this religious mentality that God could not look on me in that state since in the Old Testament priests even had to be careful in what state they approached the altar. But God showed me that he was looking at me through the eyes of love just as I look on my animals with love even when they are doing their business in the yard. So I have become accustomed to letting God be God and if he comes with His Spirit while I am in the ladies room or in the kitchen doing dishes or even on my Nintendo playing games, I just welcome His Presence and realize He is just wanting time spent with me and sometimes just loving on me. So I do find it normal that God makes His Presence felt even in the most unusual places, and it’s wonderful!



    A lovely thread- Reading this has blessed me 🙂


    I felt led to look up the name meaning for Fernando- I found the following:

    1. from a Germanic personal name composed of a metathesized form of frið ‘peace’ (or farð ‘journey’, ‘expedition’) + nanð ‘daring’, ‘boldness’.

    2. courageous, adventurer, conqueror, and leader. <b>Fernando</b> is an Iberian given <b>name </b>equivalent to the Germanic given <b>name</b> Ferdinand, with an original <b>meaning</b> of “adventurous, bold journey”.

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