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    Ron McGatlin

    Hey guys!
    Have you stopped and thought about what your “normal” Christian life looks like? Is it sharing Jesus with your friends and family? Hair stylist? Helping the single mom in line at the grocery store? Praying for the teenager with back pain?
    Are you living and modeling your life for Jesus?
    If you’re not, you’re definitely not alone. I talk with people every day who feel like they are going through the motions. People who are confessing Christians, but really don’t live much differently than the world.
    But that’s not who we were created to be, is it?
    We are a “set apart” people. Our lives ought to look different than others. We should have a Godly “appeal” in the way we talk, give, believe, handle difficult circumstances. There is supposed to be a bold love about us that crushes fear! And it’s not a life that’s just for me. . .
    . . . It’s a love ABSOLUTELY available to every believer.
    After two back-to-back POWER & LOVE events (London and Boise, Idaho) and consistently hearing INCREDIBLE testimonies from the people who are attending these events, I wanted to invite those of you have watched our videos or heard the podcast and are wanting to hear more…I just got an email from an attendee of P&L London and his testimony from just 3.5 days really touched my heart: 

    “I booked into London Power & Love 2 weeks prior…I’d been praying to see others as God does, wanting to share but not feeling like I had the tools…It was a tough 2 weeks on the run up. The enemy was reminding me about things in past from years earlierthings I’d said and done before I was saved! I even looked into booking a trip to New Zealand to get out of it!…

    [After finally getting to Power & Love] God rocked that place! I loved it, met some amazing people, had great teaching and left completely new! Since being back I’ve prayed with people on the way to the gym, in the gym, at the checkout, walking round the block and seen knees, ankles and necks healed. I’ve prayed for others where instant results weren’t possible to verify. I even led one man to Christ for the very first time….WOW. Now when people tell me they are in pain I get so excited because I know Jesus is gonna show up:) …”

    SO amazing! Although these never get old, we hear testimonies like these ALL of the time! Because this isn’t just a conference to fill seats.
    POWER & LOVE is designed to encourage you, give you the tools you need to confidently live and share Jesus every day.
    There are a few events left this year and we’ve already started filling the schedule for 2019. Next week we’re heading to Panama, then Singapore, then we’re kicking off 2019 in Texas. If you’re one of those who have been watching, praying, and wanting to step into this life that is available to all of us, don’t wait!
    Start praying about which one you should go to and watch as God changes your heart and life. Because that’s what this life is all about. Grace empowers transformation. The Gospel REQUIRES change.
    I love you guys!
    Team Trip
    Nov. 27 – Dec.3
    Nov. 28 – Dec.1
    December 5 – 8
    January 23 – 26
    Bring Power & Love to your city! 
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