Please Pray for Danielle

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    Please pray for Danielle She has no feeling on the right side of her face. Doctors are saying it is bell’s palsy. The doctors also said she has ovarian failure which is causing her to gain weight and could cause her not to get pregnant.

    Lastly she is in custody battle for her child where the father is trying to terminate her rights.

    Thank-you and God Bless all!
    In Christ ,
    Gene Garcia


    Kimberly Fowler


    Many years ago, I sprained my neck and while I was healing from the sprain, I started to lose feeling in one side of my face. I called my mom to pray for me, because I said my face felt paralyzed. She said she would pray but insisted I go to a doctor as well. I ended up going to several doctors because they were not sure exactly if it was Bell’s Palsy or what but told me there was no known cure. The strange thing is that God gave me a gift of faith at the start of this condition. There is our own faith which grows in God, but sometimes there is a “gift of faith” which is totally God. I had that during that time. There was never a single doubt that God would heal me. It was total faith, no fear, no doubt, extreme confidence in what God would do! I would go to the doctors just to see if there was anything that I could do on my part, but they all gave no hope or little hope of recovery to which I would confidently affirm that I knew I was going to be healed, I just wanted to know if there were things I should do. And every day I was surprised that I was not healed right away because my faith was so confident and expectant of God. I was so happy during that time that I would still go around smiling with a huge smile (on only one side of my face). I had a co-worker that couldn’t help but laugh at me because my face looked so funny with one huge smile on one side and the other side frozen. (I didn’t take offence at her because she was a sweetie and actually worked with handicapped kids at a separate job or hobby.) It WAS humbling to have to look like that because my job is very “public-oriented”, but the joy and faith never wavered through that event because it was a total faith that was an obvious gift of God.

    God did give me an idea at the time to use a muscle stimulator for the face (which I had one from a shopping channel prior to this which was supposed to improve skin tone and help erase wrinkles), but the muscle stimulator would send tiny jolts of electricity into the facial muscles to force them to respond. I was hoping it would prevent total sag on that side from unused muscles. It was about 9 months before I felt nerve endings come back to life and I got my taste buds back. (Lack of taste in the mouth was an unpleasant side effect from the bell’s palsy! Everything tasted like cardboard.) As I got small twitches and some facial movement started returning, I remember gleefully telling people God had healed me, but because they looked at things from a natural perspective and not a God perspective, they would bluntly tell me, “Not yet.” But I KNEW with a confidence that God was healing me and I would be fine. And it was maybe a few more months and I was totally healed, (and people constantly remark on my smile even to this day – that’s a slap in the face to the devil!)

    Sometimes I would wonder why it took so long to get healed with such a total faith. (Because it WAS a gift of God faith, unlike anything I have felt before!)But I had my answer during a very traumatic time these last several years where I had something try my faith like a Job experience (not quite as bad as Job but a Job experience)! And when the trial lasted and lasted, I started doubting my faith and everything, wondering why God wasn’t responding, then I remembered when I had Bell’s Palsy and the utmost confidence in God that He would come through for me – AND HE DID during that time, and I realized that not all healings and events are instantaneous, but God will come through and healing will come if we stand. And I realized God gave me that gift of faith to show me that we expect “suddenlies”, but if the “suddenlies”, the “instant” miracles, don’t happen and our healing or answer does not appear on our doorstep right away, God is still the “God Our Healer”, and we don’t always understand the why of things but God is working it all out for our good. But the time of process that it took to gain my healing for the Bell’s Palsy actually became my encouragement during the Job experience, that even when circumstances weren’t seeming to change in the Job experience, that God does have healing that sometimes is a “process” and is a crucible experience…gold going through fire.

    I don’t want this post to give the opposite effect and take away faith for healing, but rather I actually have experience of going through it and being healed totally from it, so I also ask that God will give me “spoil” and let other’s be healed from what I went through and KNOW that God can heal any and all effects of Bell’s Palsy.

    I also have faith that God can totally reverse child issues. I knew a woman named Kimberly at my church who was told that she could not have children, and God healed her, but then she got overly exuberant with it and started having children like they were popcorn in a machine!!!  Whew!!

    Anyway, I will be praying for Danielle and be praying that the time of this trial be shortened for her and set a hedge of protection against the enemy!





    Thank-you for sharing this testimony and your prayers!  God bless you!



    In Christ

    Gene Garcia

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