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    Kimberly Fowler

    The battle is yours – don’t give up. Never cease to pray and thank God for the victory. He is the ultimate winner. The battle is facing conclusions and circumstances brought about by the enemy. Don’t give up.  Never cease to pray; God answers prayer. The conclusion is yours; you are the winner in Christ. The devil lost the battle long ago, but he never concedes defeat. The admittance of defeat is in your power, but you have gained the victory in/through Christ. The devil knows this but wants to hear defeat in your mouth. He gains power through it (the admittance of defeat). So strive to win. You have gained victory but must press through to obtain it. It is a “given”. It is in your keeping. You have gained promises through the Word. The Word is your standard. I have given them to you. You must dwell in it to keep it. The Word is your assurance that you have it. Believe it and it will become yours. The Word is your “watch bearer”.
    (I did not understand this but then was reminded of this scripture: “He watches over His Word to perform it” Jer. 1:12).
    Futility is in giving up, but I have given you the ability to overcome. Face victory. I have given you the ability to succeed. It is and has been accomplished for you. I have given you grace in the battle to overcome. Willingness to succeed and persevere is in your keeping/ in your hands. I am with you and for you in the battle. Admit “grace”, not defeat, grace to persevere, grace to overcome; My grace is sufficient, all you need. My grace is given for you. My grace and freedom is yours. You have the anchorage in me. Press into and hold on to Me. I will never fail. Hold fast. My freedom and deliverance are bought for you. By grace you stand and in Me you stand firm! Hold fast, My promises are yea and amen and are yours! Endure to the end. Hold fast till that which has been overcome is yours, and hold fast in the trial. The trial is short-lived compared to that which is yours for all eternity. You have been given a trial to stand the test of time as a testimony (compared to others who have withstood greater as a testimony and have persevered to the end). Hold fast to that which is yours to the end. To he who holds fast to my Word and perseveres to the end, I will give the victor’s crown. All has been accomplished for your sake. Hold steady, my love, your perseverance will have a reward, worth all the suffering. Hold fast to the end till I come. I bring my reward (with me). Joy is your strength. Persevere!

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    Sherry Mohr

    Praise God! He has given us the victory!
    God bless you, Kimberly

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