Out of the Ashes

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    Kimberly Fowler

    I was reading some posts of people that are going through things that are needing serious prayer and my heart started feeling really heavy (almost depressed) because there is such hurt in the world, so much damage by Satan in people’s lives. And I started praying for the people and it was like their hurt became my hurt. And I was thinking there are things which we feel we have lost due to a spiritual battle or through life where it seems the battle is already over and we have no way of getting those things back…they are gone! And this grief was in my soul, just hurting for people, as if it were my own hurt and I could identify with these people. And I pictured myself going before an altar of God and laying those things on the altar as a gift of worship unto God. And these things were literally ashes in my hands, things that seemingly could never be recovered; yet I offered them on the altar unto God in worship. And there were coals that were red hot on the altar that as the ashes came into contact with the coals, a fire flared up from that area. And all of a sudden I saw the flames go up and I saw a man standing in the midst of the fire. I did not sense he was Jesus but rather like one of the people that I was feeling his hurt and pain previously. But he was standing on the coals of fire among the ashes of his loss in an act of worship and the flames were rising around him and he was not feeling the pain from the fire, and then he stepped out of the fire and my gaze was for some reason on his feet. And his feet looked clean and the ashes did not even stick to his feet. And then I noticed the burning coals again and black smoke rose from the coals and in the black smoke, I saw jewels rising up out the smoke and that was the end of the picture vision.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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