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    Ron McGatlin

    Northwest USA: The Change Has Come!

    By Henry J. Falcone

    This is a word for the full grown Sons and Daughters coming forth who have positioned to live or are being sent to the Northwest USA. The Glory Winds of God are now blowing upon you. The glory wind of change for your region and our nation are now blowing. A great transformation has begun by the blowing of the wind.

    Seattle, you may look like you have become a den of iniquity to many, but the Spirit of God has come to turn everything that is upside down right side up. Everything in darkness is coming to the light.
    A spiritual change in the atmosphere has come to you by the Spirit of God. A Divine shift has come to the states of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. God has heard the prayers of His remnant maturing sons and daughters and he has answered your prayers. The change has come. The change has come!

    The wind is going to bring forth an accelerated work of the Spirit to mature his full grown sons and daughters to walk in their dominion authority. They are being taken now out of the natural order of life into deeper realms of His Glory and Spirit.

    They are now being filled with the abundant eternal life that the Wind of God has come to bring. They will never be the same. The Winds of God’s Glory have come to position you for this vital move of His Spirit that will transform the Northwest region and the nation.

    These Winds of Glory are going to change the direction of this nation to turn back to our Lord and King Jesus Christ. He told me these winds of glory would affect the politicians in this land from the smallest communities in every state to the very heart of the Nation’s Capital.

    The Lord is showing me today that these winds of glory from the Northwest are going to accelerate the work of the Holy Spirit in God’s full grown sons and daughters to come into dominion power authority to possess the land.

    The Joseph Company Revealed!

    They will be called a “Joseph company” for the favor of God will rest upon them. Everything they are about to touch will be blessed. Though their “brothers” tried to kill them and throw them in a pit to be sold as slaves.

    Yet, God has delivered them and now positioning them to bring the fullness of true salvation to God’s people. They will be given access to those in power as Joseph was with Pharaoh. These sons and daughters of the Glory winds are coming forth to prepare a Goshen for God’s people. They will make a safe place of God’s emerging sons and daughters to protect them and position them for that which is about to come upon the land.

    These mature sons and daughters of the wind are going to begin to effect the politics and policies of this nation from small towns of the Northwest USA to the halls of Congress and the White House.
    The wind is now beginning to blow in Seattle Washington and other cities in the Northwest. The winds of glory are bringing supernatural wisdom and knowledge of God’s ways and purposes for each region and then to our entire nation.

    When the natural leaders in these regions realize there are no answers to their problems without God, some will turn to God’s full grown sons and daughters for a present word from the Lord. This “Joseph Company” will be filled with the wisdom and glory of God to solve the problems no one else could ever solve.

    As Joseph was seen to have God’s favor and wisdom upon him, likewise these sons and daughters will have great favor and even greater favor. The Lord is going to bless everything their hands touch with double portion anointing as He blessed Joseph’s hands. In that time, many are going to be saved and transformed by the blowing of God’s glory winds.

    Others will rise up with hatred in their hearts and oppose these “Joseph company” sons and daughters, but God will release winds of judgments against them to shut the mouths of these lions once again, and God will prevail.

    The Winds of Spirit

    In an article posted called, “The Essence of the Eternal Spirit God” by Ron McGatlin posted Dec 21, 2016 | Articles, Ron writes this about the coming wind of the Spirit:

    “As the natural wind is unseen but brings great change to the world, so it is that the unseen Spirit is bringing drastic change in the world. (John 3:8). Natural wind can blow warm moist breezes to increase production of growth and provision in natural life.

    However, the wind can also blow in bitter cold and deep snow freezing all unprotected life. A small fire can become a massive destructive force dissolving everything is its path when a strong wind blows upon it. The warm tropical rain shower can become a huge hurricane or cyclone with great destructive force when the winds increase within it.

    A spark of heavenly light and life can turn nations to God when a strong wind of God’s Spirit blows upon it. Heavenly fire of the love of God can cover the earth by the wind of the Spirit of God blowing upon the willing servants of God who are on fire with the love and glory of the living Spirit God Almighty.

    The God of the wind is Spirit God in Christ Jesus, the same Christ Jesus who abides in His people as we abide in Him. (Luke 8:24-25). The potential power to call forth Spirit wind upon the earth is within His people. At the same time the wisdom of God also dwells with us in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit to accurately know how to call forth the Spirit wind to blow in exactly the right place and time.

    The same Spirit wind that blows the life of God on earth blows the destruction of evil. The wind of God blowing the fire of God brings LIFE to the people and the things of God. The same wind at the same time is death to all who stand against the will and way of the plan of God. The light of God that is life to His people is darkness and death to those who choose to reject Christ Jesus and are led by the evil spirit of anti-Christ who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy the name of God and His people from the world.

    In the time of the blowing of the eternal wind of God, there is no middle or neutral ground. Those who are not with God in Christ Jesus are against Him and His people. To esteem and follow any other god is to stand against the one true God of all creation.”

    Northwest sons and daughters, arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord shall be seen upon you!

    That word today is fulfilled in your ears as God has promised you. This word is exactly what is now happening in your region. You are the start of the divine convergence that is coming upon this nation. God is sending new “messengers” to join your voice in this region.

    God is sending new “prophetic intercessors” to your region to help change the spiritual atmosphere. He is sending apostolic/prophetic minstrels you to release the “new song of heaven,” that will bring great healing and deliverance to your region and to our nation.

    God’s forerunners already know that God has planned this, even from the 1960-90’s, and 2000s. God has already spoken to His true apostles and prophets in your region that the Northwest will have a prominent role in what is to come in our nation.

    The Lord came with many moves of His Spirit in your region, but men extinguished the wind and fire by their human intellect. Leaders in God’s house chose to use God’s moving for their own agendas and their own gain. Many decided to build their ministries and churches from the benefits these moves of God brought and not the Kingdom of God. That will never happen this time, says the Lord!

    God Has Positioned Mature Sons And Daughters

    God has positioned maturing sons and daughters who are now equipped and ready for this wind to come. They will not touch the glory of God. They will not allow the arc to remain on a cart with donkeys. Those days are gone. They will help set the royal priesthood of the Lord in order in this region that can carry the “manifest presence of the Lord with them” upon their shoulders under the headship of King Jesus to manifest His glory!

    These trained ones will not touch the glory this time. They will not touch the glory! They will not touch the Glory. The Glory of God will be seen upon them and within them as the light of the Lord shines upon their face as it did with Jesus.

    Jesus will be lifted up in them and Jesus will draw all men to him. Many will come forth out of this blowing Glory winds to experience the true, pure, holy love of God. They will come into the knowledge of the Lord and His kingdom.

    The wind is blowing on the Northwest USA, you may not know where it comes from or where it goes, such are you being birthed into the fullness of the Kingdom of God now in the Northwest,. You are sons and daughter that have born of the Spirit of God and now matured by that same spirit for such a time as this.

    These full grown sons and daughters will come forth with the plans and purposes of God burning in them to be executed upon the Earth. The wind of God’s glory have come to blow in these chosen ones in the Northwest, and I am changing everything.

    Adding Other Laborers To You From Across This Land.

    I am sending others to join you in this region to work “with you and Me” that are trained in the ways of the “wind blowing.” They will join you from all across this land. I have sent them to you. I have sent them to you. They are sent to be in complete unity with Me and with you as I reveal the Father’s will to be done in this region.

    These chosen Joseph company warriors, I call “wind handlers,” says the Lord. They have been trained in the function of the ways of the winds of God! They function as “wind handlers” for they have been trained by movements of the Wind. They will know through whom, where, how and why my wind will blows where it wills.

    They will know my thoughts and plans of what my wind must accomplish through them each minute, each hour, of every day. These are the Joseph Company sons and daughters of the wind. They will know the Lord’s desires for their region because they are THE LORD’S DESIRE FOR THIS REGION! 

    They will cooperate fully with the breath of the Spirit Wind released upon this region. They will know what to do. They will know what to say. They will know where to be at the right time and place as Gods winds blows from one place to another.

    They will help bring forth the new born sons and daughters of the wind that God is birthing in this region. They will equip them by the Spirit to be readied to ride with Jesus upon their white horses. They will be positioned to be joined with the other parts of the army of the Lord arising in other regions of the country.

    These sons and daughters of the wind will be joined with this remnant army of God’s warriors coming forth from the Northeast and the South to be positioned for the Divine Convergence of the Lord that He is bringing forth in our nation.

    The Glory winds of God have come to Northwest USA, Get ready! Stay upon the wall to hear the present word of the Lord in season to allow you to be at the right time, in the right place, doing His will exactly as He wants it done. The Kingdom of God is at hand, and now it will be “in hand” in those I have called forth in this hour of the blowing of my Glory winds.

    Henry J. Falcone


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