No More Years Of Waste

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    David Jones

              “I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, My great Army which I sent among you.  Ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the Name of the Lord your God, that hath dealt wonderously with you.  My people shall never be ashamed.  Ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel.  That I Am the Lord your God, and none else.  My people will never be ashamed.”  Joel 2:25-27

    Have the years of your life seemed to have just rushed by without much to show for them?  Or, have you approached the Lord about allowing us to ‘do something’, rather than to just feel like time is passing us by, that we want to make a difference, but it just isn’t happening?  At least, not like we would have desired???

    Yes, I have, definitely.  And yes, ‘I’ have tried to start things, things I just knew would work, but they did not!?  And finally, just settling down in our walk with the Lord, accepting where we were, and what He had for us, even though it did not ‘satisfy us’!?

    Not that long ago, I had some dreams, and was shown that we would be ‘taken back in time’, to the 1950s!  That was very interesting to me.  My birth and early years were in the 50s.  I had a wonderful childhood, although I felt deprived by not having more of the ‘worldly things’, lol!  We lived in a rural area surrounded by farms.  I treasure my childhood there during those times.

    Yet, with the 50s and the following years, we saw many changes in America.  Post World War II America saw the ‘Baby Boom’!  Several major countries experienced the birth of literally millions of babies!  Over about ten or twelve years.  The population exploded!  Then the ‘Teenage Rebellion’ came along, and the beginnings of ‘Rock ‘n Roll’, Elvis Presley, The King of Rock ‘n Roll, Chubby Checker, ‘Let’s Do The Twist’!  Technology took off also.  New, cheap and hand-sized transistor radios began to pop up everywhere as the invasion of our private lives, and propaganda, mind control began.  During that time we acquired our first ‘telephone’, a big, heavy black monster of a thing.  And we were told ‘not to touch it’!  These things were ‘fueled’ by a ‘new prosperity’.  The old farming way of life and trades, manufacturing, began to take on a new look.  Jobs opened up and young adults were lured into the false security of turning themselves over to slavery for a ‘paycheck’, a ‘bank account’, and ‘debt’ in order to ‘have the things they wanted’, things the flesh lusts after.  We did not need each other anymore, we could just ‘do it’ all by ourselves!  And this brought covetousness, jealousy and all kinds of trouble, as we became isolated from each other in taking care of ‘my own’, ‘my stuff’, and ‘my money’…

          It has been downhill from that time forward, yet, we didn’t ‘get it’, we did not see the big picture.  We did not see that we were destroying ourselves and our planet. Some did, but the crowd, the majority, as a whole could not be turned around.  This is still true, sadly, today.

    Lust, immorality, drugs, out-of-control-crime, murder, man’s inhumanity to man has reached staggering and unimaginable depths.  Sadly, churches were infiltrated and overrun as ‘God’ was removed from our ‘society’.  It has been said that the church turned away, did not want the miracles and the power of God anymore, 1956.  And the abundant miracles stopped, and became only the little tiny trickle since that time.  To the point that preachers began to preach that all of that was for ‘back then’, not ‘for now’.  God, The Holy Bible, Jesus and the Gospel were still the ‘topic’, but no longer the mainline example in the preachers nor the people.  We have not ‘lived’ it.  A new ‘humanism’ had taken over.  The churches began to embrace the practices of Babylon.  Today it is almost impossible to even distinguish the Body of Christ from Babylon.

    Now… here we are… 2018!!!  God has had enough!  He and He alone is going to turn back time, and ‘restore’ the years that we have wasted!  In looking at the word, ‘restore’, there in Joel…  Strong’s, Hebrew, 7999:  gives us this:  to be safe, to be completed, to reciprocate.  In various applications, make amends, make an end, finish, full, give again; make, to, to be… at peace, prosper, prosperous, recompense, make restitution, restore, reward… surely!  Thank you God for having mercy on us!  Thank you Jesus, that ‘it is finished’!  Thank you for the Gift of Your Spirit!

    We all talk about repentance and return, but folks, it begins with each and every one of us.  We all have lost our way and departed from God.  We all are sinners in need of forgiveness.  We all must ‘make peace with God’ because of our rebellious heart.  And we all must get out of the baby diapers and ‘go on to perfection’!  Our salvation is a one-on-one experience first and foremost, all the way through, to the end of ourselves and the beginning of Christ IN us!!!  We like to talk about Christ in us, but not so much that we must die to ourselves.  The times of laying back and watching the ‘preaching show’, through the idol of media entertainment, and the sensuality of a party atmosphere through spiritual drunkenness, being lulled to sleep by the enemy…  are over!

              The kingdom is about loving God with all of our being, all of our mind, heart and body.  It is about loving our neighbor as as much or more than we love ourselves.  That requires personal contact, one-on-one experiences, getting involved in each others lives through the love of God, and not what we think is ‘right’.  The days of the E-Church(internet church) are coming to an end.  There is nothing more non-personal than the internet.  I do not hate the internet, it has an important role.  But when we allow it to replace our need and love and personal relationship, our ‘oneness’, we have become nothing more than bio-robots existing in a false and surreal virtual world.  And this is the ultimate cop-out, the ultimate method of doing away with sin and conviction, and the need for repentance.  To the world at large there is no such thing as sin anymore, nor the need of a Savior.  And the darkness grows and gets darker and darker, as our sins mount higher and higher, and we go down deeper and deeper, even into hell itself.  Where are the David’s, the Giant Killers!  They are about to be revealed!

              I realize that I am preaching, but it is time for God’s people to be God’s people!  And it is time to overthrow all of this darkness!  God has had enough!  And He is doing something about it!  So, right now is the time to take a harder look at ourselves than we ever have before, and to really see where we stand with God.  His judgment is just and pure, and He will reward every man according to the truth of their heart and deeds.

    The last 70 years have been a waste, and have brought us to the brink of total destruction.  God gave man the Dominion over the earth.  This is what man has done with it.  Planet earth is dying.  Mankind is a dying race.  If God does not intervene, this is the end of the earth and the end of man.  Folks, that is the stark truth.  we lay back thinking that God is going to do it all, nada, not so.  It is time to embrace the truth, and to cease from telling ourselves that this is just a transition, a new paradigm, or way of things.  And that all we have to do is position or align ourselves with a new way of thinking or doing things.  This is the ‘end of the road’ for all of that as well!

              I am not trying to be unkind nor am I attempting to be confrontational.  I am not condemning anyone.  I have no agendas.  Christ is my only reason for being and my only hope.  This is merely a small token of the coming ‘shaking’, the shaking of the coming moment of reality, the reality of the truth.  We cannot remain quieted any longer.  We cannot remain acceptable, compliant, or passive any longer.That is the way of the ancient Priesthood of Eli.  It is time for the Priesthood of Zadok to take a stand, and to mean it.

              I love you all, and I do.  That is my sole reason for sharing all of this.  My heart is moved concerning the condition of our world, as I am sure yours is also.  Personal contact, personal interaction is a must, thus, the new gatherings.  In the days ahead as things break up and come apart, we are going to need that in each other desperately.  May god bless you abundantly, and may we all come into the Oneness of the unity of the faith as it is in Christ Jesus, Amen… 

    John Lawler


    I could not have said it better. Amen, Amen, and Amen to that!!! I have lived through that time zone you are talking about and know what you have said to be true. Thanks for sharing your heart with us and helping all of us to take a good look at where we stand with the Lord. I believe that if he came today most would not be going with him, because they haven’t taken the time to get to know him.

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