"No More Delay!"

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    “No More Delay!”

    by Lonnie Mackley 2 Mar. 2019

    You have been through a lot but God wants you to stop seeing yourself as small and start seeing Him as big because although it may be hard to believe, you are indeed about to be thrust forward at high speed by Him into a life that is much bigger than you can understand right now! The word of God to you today is; “No More Delay!”, and to expect to go forward as is, and as you pick up your mat and walk you will see everything fall into place just as God has planned for you from the very beginning. He knew all of the trials and struggles you would face and the toll it would take on you, but He also knew that He had already made plans to supernaturally restore you at an accelerated rate. And just like Caleb in the bible you will be able to conquer any mountain that is ahead of you as you simply just listen, trust, and obey each new direction that He will give you to move forward.

    Things have shifted and moved spiritually where there is a new realm and place available to you to go much deeper in the Spirit-realm now, and to truly become one with God in every way! You are about to receive a super-infilling of the Holy Spirit and a super-anointing to go forward and conquer in His name! The kingdom of men is now becoming the kingdom of our God and of His Christ, and this world will be harvested by the Holy Spirit through the mature and restored sons of God in the earth. This broken down life and feeling that you have will dissipate and be changed in an instant as He quickens your mortal body and everything falls back into place and then some! You are about to move from the Gideon asking God where all the miracles have gone, to Gideon the mighty man of valor ready to take on vast insurmountable armies at the command of the Lord!

    Now is not the time to be moping and doubting; it is a time to go deeper with God and to seek Him and trust Him to lead you to His secret place. God is for you, not against you, and you and your problems and quirks are no big surprise to Him. Do you think the people in the bible that God used in a great way were perfect? No, they were just regular people like you who were willing to say yes to God even though they knew they were not up to the task alone. Moses even tried to talk God out of using him because he saw himself as so small and limited, but God saw something much bigger as He added Himself to Moses and became unstoppable to both Pharaoh and His armies. So buck up and stand up, and shout hallelujah to the God who has your back, front, and every side. Expect no more delays and get yourself ready to go, because you are going forward!

    HAB 2:3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.


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