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    In the Bible the names given to people in ancient times often had a significant meaning of their characteristics and their destiny. Abraham for example, meant: Father of nations.

    Now, the United States of America has a new President. The name of the previous one was ‘Trump;, which means ‘loud noise’.
    The new one is Joseph Biden, which means: ‘bi’ = two, and ‘den’= dwelling or house.

    Could this refer to the Two Houses of Joseph?
    It’s very interesting as Joseph, the favourite son of Jacob, [Israel] had two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. Genesis 48:1-22
    They received a special blessing from Jacob for their descendants: Manasseh being a great nation and Ephraim being a great group of nations. We know them today as the USA and the British Commonwealth of nations. They both have received the Blessings described by Moses, of being very numerous, living in fertile lands and having great power. Exodus 33:13-17
    [‘Brit-ish’ in Hebrew means Covenant people]

    <b>Joseph</b> means He will add. Maybe the increase of his power as 2<sup>nd</sup> in command of Egypt, but also the power and prestige of his descendants.

    <b>Manasseh</b> means to forget the bitterness of past experiences, and also denotes a democratic type of government.

    <b>Ephraim</b> means fruitful, spreading out and prosperous. The tribe of Ephraim was also the leader of the ten Northern tribes and they originally settled in England. Then out to colonies around the world.
    The British Royal family traces their ancestry to a daughter of Zedekiah from the Perez line taken to Ireland by Jeremiah. Jeremiah 43:6, Ezekiel 17:22 She married Herremon a king from the Zerah line. Genesis 38:27-30

    God is unfolding an amazing Plan. He chose a people: they disobeyed Him and were exiled from the holy Land. Many prophecies say how they and others, will return and only those who are faithful Christians will enter and live there. Ezekiel 20:34-38, Isaiah 35:1-10, Romans 9:24-26, Psalms 37:27-29, +
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