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    Chris Williams

    These things know: I am building the new empire, the one and only Kingdom: Mine who are soaked in the blood and incorruptible flesh of Christ My Son, Amen (see 1 Pet 1:3-5).  My Beloveds are bathed in the newness of Christ. The very light of God shines from their Spiritual bellies, hearts, and minds as it goes upward into the third heaven where they are nurtured and fed daily (as they commit to their time with Me over and over again).

    This know: My army of constant believers is favored during this time.  This is because their faith in Me allows and causes Me to count on them.  This faith in Me is literally My faith in Myself and My Word, which is alive and living within each of them. As I march with Mine, I continually gaze upon these, My leaders within My one Body (see 1 Cor 12:12-27). I depend on My ability to speak through them at all crucial moments: not only in their life, but in the lives that I lead them to interact with.

    Literally, these are My Lights upon this earth. Literally, these have resurrected within their hearts; these stand in My presence knowing the reality of Christ within themselves.  These bear witness of this reality at any given moment; and allow Me, My Spirit, to speak through them continually, Amen Amen and again Amen. (1)These remain in the apple of My eye and within the center of My gaze as we literally march as one continually and forever.  There is no separation; we are one now and throughout Eternity, Amen.

    God’s, My, (2)Grace covers all; and causes God’s oneness to conquer on earth as I already have in heaven (see Rev 12:7-12).  Remember Me, My Name, and My Power within yourself daily, saith the Lord, Amen.  Christ, your King and Savior, Amen.  God’s (2)Grace now begins to fill all, Amen Amen and again Amen (see Acts 2:17; Joel 2:28).

    I am Love, and Love conquers all.  I will not fail, Amen; Christ who is the Light, the One Light, Amen (see James 1:16-18).


    (1) “These remain in the apple of My eye and within the center of My gaze, as we literally march as one continually and forever”:(See Zech 2:1-13; Deut 32:9-12; Psalms 17:6-9; Rev 11:1-14; Rev 21:9-27).

    (2) “GRACE”: Strong’s Concordance of the Bible defines the Greek New Testament word translated “Grace” as:  “NT:5485 … literal, figurative or spiritual; especially THE DIVINE INFLUENCE UPON THE HEART [thru God’s Holy Spirit], AND ITS REFLECTION IN LIFE; INCLUDING GRATITUDE.”</span>


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