Muddy Boots! Prayers for farmers in our American heartland.

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    Vernon Hull

    This is an urgent call to all the saints who are intercessors for America.

    If you are watchmen who watch and pray…


    Your heartfelt prayers are desperately needed at this pivotal time.

    Farms in several states in America’s heartland are under water.

    There are more but here… I mention only Iowa and Nebraska.

    People, family farms, crops and farm animals need rescuing now!

    “Father we combine our prayers with those of Your Son Jesus for our brothers and sisters in Iowa and Nebraska who stand in their muddy boots trying to salvage whatever they can from the effects of days of devastating floods.

    Be pleased Heavenly Father to hear our prayers of intercession for them.

    Give them Hope.

    Give them Faith.

    Give them Love.

    Be pleased Jesus to come alongside each person who has lost their farm.

    Be pleased Holy Spirit to come into their hearts and keep, keep, keep them focused on Jesus.

    It is Sprng… a time to begin thinking about and planning for planting…

    It is impossible.  Yes.  We know in our minds that it is impossible but we know in our HEARTS that Nothing is Impossible For Thee.

    No nothing!

    Absolutely nothing!

    Nothing is impossible for thee.

    Please send drying winds… gentle drying winds and fair Spring weather to Iowa and Nebraska.

    Let this year’s harvest be the most abundant ever recorded.

    Why?  Because we are asking You to do it!

    You said in James 4:2 says, “Ye have notbecause ye ask not.”

    You expect us to ASK!

    So Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit we call down Your intervention from Heaven

    Be pleased to come and divinely intervene in Iowa and Nebraska… in the hearts of our suffering brothers and sisters… stand each of them back up on their feet in their muddy boots!

    You are a GOOD GOOD FATHER.

    I hope our prayers have touched Your Heart.

    Thank You for the privilege of unlocking Your Hands through prayer.




    Thanks for sharing.  Praying!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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