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    Ron McGatlin

    What can I say?

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    Cabécar Nation in Costa Rica,
    Missionaries Steve & Gwen Corgan and Renee & Terry Mize Lifting

    In March, after I returned from the Cabécar Nation in Costa Rica, I had a routine doctor’s visit. I felt perfectly healthy, but suddenly things morphed into (seemingly) imminent disaster when my doctor insisted, I see four different specialists. I got the feeling that he thought I was in big trouble.  I believe(d) with all my heart that, “I will live and not die,” but I didn’t want to be an imprudent fool and ignore the doctor’s concerns. (I know he really does care about me.) During these events, every time I would think, “I need to write a letter and let people know what’s going on,” it would be followed by the thought, “I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what to say.” It seemed like my entire life was on hold. So, after three months of probing / prodding medical compliance, and second (and third) opinions, it turns out what I need to do is lose weight and make a few changes in diet. Or maybe God healed me of something worse! In any case, I praise Him for this relatively benign outcome.  I apologize for not communicating better.  But, what else can I say?

    The fruit and growth among the Cabecar First Nation in Costa Rica are surpassing our already optimistic expectations. We’re having a hard time keeping up with the requests to take the discipleship to new areas and groups of disciples continue to graduate every few weeks. (Good kind of problems to have.)  New churches are springing up and old ones are experiencing revival. The church in La Colonia, has grown from 75 to over 150. The churches at Senoli, and El Alto Küen (Küen pictured above) are smaller bodies but they likewise have outgrown their buildings. We’ve already begun construction in La Colonia and we will continue work in the other places.  As you can see, the church at El Alto Küen is overflowing.

    The materials have to be carried in on foot and across the Chiripó river as seen above.  It’s a dangerous journey.
    We’ve already begun work on the church’s building at La Colonia (above), but we need your help to continue.
    Our disciples are so proud of their certificates of completion.  We currently have approximately 20 – 25 discipleship groups in session at any given time.  They are each on a different schedule since we start them at different times.  We’re starting as many cells in new areas as fast as we can.  Consequently, we have groups like the one above graduating every few weeks and new groups starting every few weeks.
    I asked pastor Carlos, “How much do we need to meet the current need for discipleship materials, move forward with the construction projects already underway, and fund the upcoming conference including my visit?

    We need $10,000.00 before the end of June. 

    Please pray with us for this amount to be supplied. I have no doubt that it will be. God is faithful. Please consider sending a generous contribution.

    To give securely online using PayPal, major credit, or debit card click on this button below.

    Click Here to Give Online
    Or send you gift to:

    Rich Harvest International

    18515 Bucks Creek Lane

    Wildwood, Mo.  63038

    Rich Harvest International is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) corporation.  Gifts are tax deductible.

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