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    Ron McGatlin


    Healed of Disease

    For some time now, there has been a stirring in my spirit about one way the Lord wants to release the anointing and creative miracles in the coming season. I believe that is through what I call the Spoken Manifestation Anointing. Several years ago, I was preaching in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. As we do at most meetings, I was praying for the sick, asking the Lord to heal people. As I had the sick folks stand and place their hand on the troubled area, I saw a man in the back that stood out to me in the spirit. I told him to come forward.

    As he approached the platform I asked him, “Sir, what is wrong with you?” He said, “I have Celiac disease.” As he continued to walk forward I yelled, “I don’t know what that is, but I command the devil to stop acting silly (“silly acts” disease) and release this man from this condition in Jesus’ name!” He was still many feet away, and as I yelled this he flew backwards under the power of God. I never touched him. Sometime later, he went back to his place in the back of the meeting room.

    Release the Spoken Manifestation Anointing over your life and circumstances.

    I found out afterwards that he was healed of Celiac disease, which is an extreme allergy to anything with wheat. As I understood it, if this man even touched any bread products, he would need to be rushed to the hospital immediately. However, the next day, he was healed and later contacted me with another problem. He now could eat pizza, bread and pasta, and was upset because he had gained 20 pounds from eating his favorite new foods!

    Speak to the Mountain!

    Recently, it was laid on my heart that this healing was brought about by the Spoken Manifestation Anointing. It was not a prayer that helped this man, it was a command. Jesus said in Mark 11:23“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.” Jesus was talking about Spoken Manifestation.

    Jesus released His hearers into a Spoken Manifestation Anointing, where we step from a place of prayer (supplication and asking), to a place of commanding, through faith. Jesus said speak to the mountain! Maybe it is a sickness, like the Australian man, maybe it is finances, family issues or church situations. I believe God is calling us to speak to the mountains in our life and believe what we say.

    Once on a ministry trip to Finland, I was speaking in a university’s auditorium. The place was packed out with hungry saints and curious seekers alike. I was preaching on faith for miracles and taught how God moves in the supernatural to make things happen as we trust Him. In the middle of my message, a man fell down in the back with an epileptic seizure. A man in the back raised his arm and said, “There is a man here having a seizure, can you help him?” I thought, “What a time for seizures, I’m teaching on miracles!” (Photo via David Tomberlin)

    I rushed to the back and some saints were praying, “Lord Jesus, help this man; Lord only You can touch him.” I spoke firmly to the saints praying, “This is not the time for prayer, this is the time for commanding!” I looked at the man who was in great distress and said, “In Jesus’ name, I command this seizure to stop!” In three seconds it completely stopped. People’s mouths were hanging open. They had heard teachings on miracles, they had heard testimonies, but they had never seen the Spoken Manifestation Anointing in action.

    Prayer is good, supplication is good, but in certain circumstances and situations, we are not called to pray, we are called to command – to speak the word and see the mountain move. To see the sick recover, to see the deliverance take place. It transitions from us seeing God as far off in Heaven, answering our requests, to us recognizing that God lives by His Holy Spirit inside of us, and we can release that power through the spoken word. It’s a different kind of thinking.

    Sowing and Reaping

    Another time I was ministering and a sweet Asian lady was there. She had always been a support to my ministry. She worked behind the scenes, happy to serve, support and sow. She wasn’t looking for a ministry platform, she just wanted to be in the anointing and around our meetings. She was middle aged and divorced, she had come from a very poor background in a developing nation, but nothing held her back. God had promoted her out of poverty to where she was financially stable, but she wasn’t satisfied with material comfort, she wanted more of God.

    One night, she was in our meeting during ministry time, and I called her out. I began to prophesy to her that she had been happy to serve, give and be behind the scenes, but now God wanted to promote her from behind the scenes to the forefront. I said, “In 12 months you won’t even recognize yourself. I COMMAND the doors to open for you and your ministry in Jesus’ name!”

    Jesus said speak to the mountain!

    Shortly after that the doors flung open. She couldn’t believe what was happening in her life. She constantly updated me with miracle after miracle. Now she has preached and moved in the power of God in many ministry settings all over the world, and has received invitation after invitation and is running with the fire of God!

    Release the Power of Spoken Manifestation!

    Friends, the Lord created the world and everything in it with the power of Spoken Manifestation. Things began to be created, just because He said so. I believe the Lord is giving us the same power in this hour – to create things in the spirit realm, to open up new doors, call in new contracts for business, release people into the manifestation of their destiny. 

    Do you have a need? Release the Spoken Manifestation Anointing over your life and circumstances. Is there someone sick? Command the mountain of sickness into the sea!

    Are you believing for a greater presence of God on your ministry, so you can touch more people? Speak to the mountain in the mighty name of Jesus!

    Are you trusting God to touch a lost family member or friend? Use the Spoken Manifestation Anointing to call them home to Christ!

    Jesus was given all authority, and He said in the Scriptures that He has given that authority to us. It’s time we speak to the mountains in our lives. (Photo via Pixabay)

    In Jesus name, I release the Spoken Manifestation Anointing to those reading this. Father, as You have shown this to me, reveal it to them I pray. Touch each one reading this with a new awareness that You LIVE in them and are ALIVE in them, and they have the POWER to speak to the mountain!

    I release the fullness of this revelation, in Jesus’ Mighty name!

    David Tomberlin
    David Tomberlin Ministries

    Email: info@davidtomberlin.com
    Website: http://www.davidtomberlin.com

    David Tomberlin Ministries was founded out of a desire to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world and to bring true revival to the Church. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has made a way for all people of the earth to know and live life with God, through Jesus’ redemptive work on the Cross. We further believe it is our calling as a ministry to communicate that Good News to all the nations of the earth. We tangibly walk out this vision by ministering in the local church, conferences, outreaches and mission’s trips. Today David’s circles the globe many times per year releasing revival to the church and salvation to the lost. David has appeared on God TV, Daystar, The TBN Praise the Lord Program and Sid Roth’s Program It’s Supernatural. David is a Graduate of Dallas Baptist University and a two time graduate from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

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