Mini vision of a wooden chest with drawers.

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    Kimberly Fowler

    I see like a piece of furniture with drawers, it is a chest of drawers or chest with drawers, one that can sit on a cabinet. I sense it is full of papers and things but there is a sense of hurt, like I don’t want to go through the drawers. There are things in there that “hurt” me. I sense there are legitimate papers in there, accounts. I sense Christ opening one of the drawers and taking out the papers and straightening them in His hands. I think He put a rubber band around them (to keep them together) and He took them. I sense He is taking them to settle the accounts, to take care of it. I still sense the “hurt” attached to the papers, but there is also a sensing of relief. There is a bit of tightness in my own chest, a bit of stress while having this mini vision. I sense the drawer that had the papers is now empty except for a sealed envelope that seems to be bulging with something inside it. Now I just sense relief.
    I seem to see that the drawers have several knob handles on each drawer. And I am sensing they represent when someone can “push your buttons” to irritate you or offend you. But I sense the cleanness, the emptiness, inside the drawer, and the relief with it. But the bulging sealed envelope is still inside that Jesus must have put there. I sense it is a legal document, several pages worth inside the envelope. Interestingly enough, now that the drawer is mostly empty, the clean fragrance of the wood from the drawer is now apparent (like cedar wood or something, a “wood” smell); it’s nice. The previous papers inside had hidden the smell and fragrance of the wood. But now that the papers were gone, the fragrance of the wood was coming forth. I am now noticing that the outside of the chest of drawers which is a very dark color is gleaming brightly as if a wood oil has been applied or a shellac over the wood, it looks almost oily (in a good way) as if polished with a layer of wood oil. Even the knobs have been polished with oil. Now I just see the chest of drawers in front of me on a cabinet, the chest with the very dark wood and gold knobs on the chest clean and polished.

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