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    The Month of March – A Time of Position, Promotion & Clearing Away Dead Things – Dionne White, Anderson, South Carolina

    Upon waking on March 1, 2020, I hear the Holy Spirit say, “March is a shift month.”
    I laid there and lingered, exchanging thoughts with Him about this day’s manna and revelation.

    He said, “February was a month to launch and now March is a shift month.” I wondered, “Shift what exactly?” At first He gave me a vision and analogy of a manual shift transmission car. I’ve driven my share of manual shift cars and they are not always easy to navigate. It takes skill, timing, complete whole-person engagement, and great focus. He highlighted the fact that in order to drive a manual transmission car, it takes both hands and both feet. One hand to steer, one hand to shift, both feet to clutch and gas and both feet to clutch and brake.

    I asked, “God, how does this apply to March being a ‘shift month’?”

    He replied, “You will need to know WHEN to do each of these maneuvers in this new season you have launched into. Proper and precise navigation is crucial, and the way that you will be able to KNOW WHEN, is to be tuned into My voice and keep your eyes on Me. I will lead you and you will carry out the maneuver as I guide.

    “Time with Me is first and most important in following the leading of My Spirit so you do not get off course. Guard your time, mind and heart. Be intentional about your time with Me and the assignments I have placed before you. If you feel yourself shifting or drifting off course in any way, slow down and recalibrate. GO BACK TO THE LAST CLEAR WORD you heard then allow Me to guide you right back to center. Listen to My voice and we will drive this thing together with ease.”

    It was clear He was using this manual shift strategy as wisdom for navigating the season set before us. Then He began to explain that “the shift” was going to put a lot of people in position for promotion; promotion by Him, in the Spirit, and promotion by man because of the favor of God on them. It will be clear that they got there by Him and only Him. He will get the glory for their promotions and upgrades.

    He said that the old seasons were not bad but just not beneficial anymore, and He needed to move people for a purpose, and in doing that, He would be clearing away “dead things.”


    He said, “Do not think that the dead things are necessarily bad in this case, as one might think–you see those dead things were ONCE ALIVE! They had seeds and displayed life and beauty. They even gave off oxygen sustaining you at times, but now they are dead and can no longer breathe life into you.”

    I saw that many of the seeds had fallen and were buried and trampled under foot. They were never appropriately planted, so that is what part of the shift is – A REPLANTING! But NOW God is clearing away the dead things on the surface, removing layers and shifting the soil so the light can reach the seeds and the replanting can take place! They must be replanted to grow and thrive for His purposes and glory. The clearing of the dead things is necessary for the shift. This process is crucial for preparation for the Bride to come to life again. His light will shine on us all as we are replanted and revealed as the dead things are removed.


    As the Holy Spirit was explaining this process to me I had a vision. I saw a woman buried alive under layers of dirt, leaves, debris and dead things that were once living vegetation. As the hand of the LORD began to clear away all the layers on her, the light hit the soil and she BURST FORTH from the dirt, gasping for air. She had been buried alive for some time, barely breathing, but she came out ALIVE, and the light hit her immediately putting color and life back into her. She was wearing a white, satin gown. She was dirty from being buried in the dirt and trampled on–suffocating under it all–BUT HER GROOM CAME TO THE RESCUE. He came to rescue her and redeem her. He began to help her up and dust her off and she embraced Him, on her feet, in the arms of her Redeemer.

    The Holy Spirit began to interpret a portion of the vision to me. He said that the EMBRACE was an important element to the shift and that we, the Bride of Christ, must EMBRACE WHAT HE IS DOING IN OUR LIVES RIGHT NOW. This will determine the course for the shift.

    Many are seeking the breakthrough and shift but do not want to embrace the fullness of the Bridegroom. He is desiring the EMBRACE, for it will set us on course for eternity. It is crucial we fully embrace the Bridegroom for our freedom and for us to fully thrive in Him–IN THE NEW He has designed and assigned to us. This shift is a supernatural work of God!


    The Lord says, “Do not despise the dead things for they once were alive and brought life. Do not despise the dead things, for at one time they carried the very seeds that were shed for the LIFE OF THIS NEW SEASON.”

    I hear the Lord say, “As the debris is cleared and soil is shifted, the light will flood in awakening you to the NEW life you are desperate for–giving you air for your long-collapsed lungs. I am giving you breath, filling your lungs again, and you will no longer feel the wight of the dirt, debris and dead things. This is freedom in Me. You are no longer obligated to the dead things. You are shifting into position to be propelled and promoted INTO THE NEW, with NEW BREATH AND LIFE!”

    Take a deep breath! The weight is being lifted. Feel the freedom and REJOICE FOR YOUR LIGHT HAS COME FORTH SPEEDILY (Isaiah 58:8)!

    The LORD says, “I am here to restore and redeem all that was lost, buried, trampled and disregarded. I am REDEEMING My seeds from the dead things! I am SIFTING THE SOIL and SHIFTING YOU INTO THE NEW! Lean in and listen to My voice as you navigate this new thing. I am leading you in My paths of righteousness–you have come out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Pack your bags for you are no longer living in the valley. Leave behind a blessing but move forward with Me swiftly, as I shift you into the new.”


    Psalm 23:3, “He restores my soul. He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”

    Isaiah 58:8, “Then your light shall break forth like the morning, your healing shall spring forth speedily, and your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.”

    Isaiah 60:1, “Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.”


    Fine artist Dionne White is a contemporary inspirational painter who resides with her husband and two children in the Upstate of South Carolina. She believes strongly in practicing art as a “creative therapy” for whole-person wellness. Her intention is to create work that evokes a sense of joy and peace, speaking fullness of life to your soul, releasing a message that awakens your spirit and deposits hope. Because of this, she is interested in the beauty and intricacies of nature and how they connect the human spirit with our Creator God. Dionne’s intuitive process incorporates the ancient Japanese Art of Kintsugi, meaning “the mending of brokenness.” The Japanese believe in repairing the broken vessel and finishing it with gold. Restoring the broken area and making it a new creation. Not disguising the break but adorning it with gold, giving it new life, worth, and beauty. This Kintsugi approach to art making is always at the heart of what she does in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

    Elijah List



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