Love of the Bridegroom

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    Kimberly Fowler

    My heart thirsts for you like the desert sands thirst for rain, the parched ground hungering for the nourishing rain from the heavens. The heavens relinquish their dew, but the ground is not satisfied until the torrents from heaven descend on it, the outpouring of the rains to drench the thirsty soul. Let the sweet rains from heaven descend. Relinquish the outpouring that my spirit desires; let your sweet wind and rain envelop my soul. Let the outpouring from heaven quench and satiate my thirst for You.
    Let Your Spirit descend on me like a dove. Let your still sweet voice speak to me in the night. How I long for you; my spirit thirsts for you like a deer pants for the water. O Come, Lover of my soul. Come to me! Come like the wind, come like fire… come like soft breath! I relinquish my soul to you. Come to me, my love! Come, let us hurry away to our garden, let us frolic and play; there I will find my heart’s content. Oh, desire of my heart, let your fire, your desire enrapture me, let the wooing of your voice delight me, let your songs of love wrap around the very essence of my heart, for in them I find my being, my purpose of love, my purpose of life. In them, I find…me! Oh the sweet chords/cords of love you wrap around me. How I find comfort in them. There I abide in your Presence, lost in the savor of your love. Wrap your tender arms of mercy round about me; lost in your love, found in your grace.
    Come to me, Rose of Sharon, let me taste the nectar of your love.
    Write on my heart…”sealed with love”, inscribe upon it your tender love.
    Insurmountable heights, scaled by love, surpassed with love.
    Ah, where eagles dare to fly, far above the heights, borne upon the winds, resting…upon the winds, gliding. To soar above the clouds, where My Beloved dwells, where my gazes linger, the beauty of His palace, my home, the longing of my heart…to be with Him.
    Radiant bride, purity of wedding gown, the taste of eternity, of everlasting love. The end is only the beginning!

    Sherry Mohr

    Awesome! This could be called “Song of the Bride” for I hear the Spirit in it.

    Praise God for His goodness towards us

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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