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    Ron McGatlin

    transforming from Human Being to Holy Being


    May He grant you out of the riches of His glory,

    to be strengthened and spiritually energised with power through His Spirit in your inner self
    (indwelling your innermost being and personality)

    so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through your faith.

    And may you, having been deeply grounded in love,

    be fully capable of comprehending with all the saints (Gods people)

    the width & length & height & depth of His love (fully experiencing that amazing, endless love);

    and (that you may come) to know (practically, through personal experience)

    the love of Christ which far surpasses (mere) knowledge (without experience),

    that you may be filled up (throughout your being) to all the fullness of God

    (so that you may have the richest experience of Gods presence in your lives,

    completely filled and flooded with God Himself).

    Ephesians 3: 1619 AMP Bible, 2017).

    1. The Unseen is Hidden in the Seen

    There is a supernatural equivalent of all that is natural.

    For just as the Old Testament spoke prophetically of that which was to come in the New Covenant and Person
    of Jesus Christ, so too the things that we see and experience in the natural world speak of things in the super
    natural, or spirit, realm. Because we live in the postChrist era, the things prophesied in the Old Testament to
    occur in the supernatural ARE ALREADY HERE. They were birthed and fulfilled by Christ two thousand years
    ago! Jesus testified that He had not come to replace the Old Law but to fulfill it. The coming of Jesus Christ
    was the manifestation of what had been previously prophesied, marking a transformation of those things not
    yet seen (ie. the supernatural) into what could be seen and felt in the natural realm. Jesus/Yeshua came as
    God Incarnate, manifesting the Person of God in a natural form so that we might know Him and believe in Him
    as our personal, Living God.

    Like precious stones or elements hidden in rock, the spiritual things of God have already been implanted into
    the earth. They are available to those who believe in Jesus and seek them out, but they remain hidden to
    those who do not believe in Christ as God incarnate. Similarly, the supernatural seed of God has also been
    implanted into the hearts of all human beings and written into our DNA coding, such that we truly are
    designed in the image of God. Just as a natural seed in the soil needs the right conditions in which to
    germinate, sprout and grow into a mature plant, so too the supernatural Godseed within us requires the
    right supernatural conditions in which to spring to Life and continue to grow into the supernatural abundant
    Life as promised by Jesus Christ to all who would live, breathe and have their being in Him.

    When the Lord wrote through the prophet Isaiah of “new things springing up” as a result of the radiant Light of
    the Glory of God coming into the world, we are reading of the Promises to be fulfilled in the coming of Jesus
    Christ to planet earth. Like newspaper headlines prophesying of what is, and is to come, in the fallen natural
    world, God’s Word prophesies and signposts to that which God intends to bring to pass amongst His people on
    this earth. The Bible is the inspired Word of God in written form, and Jesus is called the Living Word because
    He spoke the Word of God the Father and fulfilled that which had already been written. God’s Word in both
    the written and Living forms, prophesies of that which is hidden but which is soon to be “called forth” and
    “raised up” by God to manifest as our higher reality. (Note: This is an eternal principle of God: that which He

    transforming from Human Being to Holy Being


    deems as Good must rise up in power and glory towards Himself, whilst all that is not good in God’s sight must
    fall away from His Glorious Presence and perish.)

    This is why it is so important to read, study and meditate on both the Old and New Testaments for they take
    the guesswork out of human destiny, and provide a roadmap of the journey before us. We can understand
    what is ahead of us and how best to navigate our way there using the straightest path. We cannot arrive at the
    correct destination if we set out on the wrong path, or indeed, if we never leave the comfort of the couch of
    our worldly thinking to get started. At the very least, an ability to read the signs and times accurately enables
    us to get there without too many needless side roads, ambushes by the enemy, or frustrating roundabouts or
    dead ends.

    2. The Air We Breathe

    Too often, we humans think we only need natural air or oxygen to live. We believe that without air we die. But
    the Truth is that God’s Spirit, in combination with the Word of God, can create the substance of Life where
    there is no life. We are told this plainly in the Holy Bible from the very beginning. So in fact there are two
    types of life available to humans. There is natural air that we know is necessary for energising our natural
    flesh, and necessary to sustain our fleshly body, by which our natural self and soul can remain on planet earth.
    But there is also supernatural air, (or spiritual energy, known as Ruach HaKodesh or Holy Spirit, the third
    Person of the Holy Trinity), Who is necessary for all functions required by us to live a supernatural (or
    spiritual) life on planet earth, and to live well in both the natural and spiritual realms.

    In fact, it is impossible to live a natural life well, and to achieve a life that is pleasing to God, without also living
    a supernatural life by having our life, breath and being perpetually abiding in the Holy Spirit of God, and He in
    us. As the two become one being living in unison together, what springs forth is a Divinelyordained
    “marriage between the natural human and the SuperNatural Holy. It is from this Godordained union that
    the supernatural fruit of God germinates and matures. We are no longer merely saved by faith in our
    Saviour Jesus Christ, the “greater works” of sanctification and transformation into the likeness of our Saviour
    has also begun! HalleluYAH!

    If a human body dies, the soul must depart from within it. For the soul of any created being cannot exist
    outside of a living body. In the natural, we human beings need to breathe air, or oxygen, into our lungs in
    order to stay alive. We also need blood to circulate through our heart and circulatory system. Without a
    perpetual supply of both oxygen and blood, our brain cannot function and it too will perish, triggering the
    death of the whole body. A person is proclaimed to be dead when they stop breathing and the brain is devoid
    of both oxygen and blood. The absence of breath signifies the death of our mortal existence since the natural
    flesh perishes quickly without oxygen and the human soul cannot have it’s being on the earth unless that
    person’s body is alive to house it. This is true of all living beings created by God on planet earth, humans and
    all animal life. Even trees and plants require oxygen to live. This is the deliberate, prophetic design of God; all
    are designed to require air in order to live. No air, no life, no soul on planet earth. We are finished. Without
    the Saving Power of Christ, death is the natural manifestation of satan’s destruction of God’s Plan for us.

    In the spiritual, there is another kind of air. Like natural air, this Air also produces Life. This is because this
    Air has it’s Source in God, Who is the Author and Finisher of all Life. In fact, this Supernatural Air is the Life
    Force within all life forms, the Divine Substance from and by Whom all life is created. It was this Air that came
    from God to breathe all of creation into existence. God’s Word speaks of God as the “star breather”. This Holy
    Breath of God came forth with the Living Word of God when He pronounced, “Let there be light”, and when
    He promised to sustain all Life that He created and saw was Good (ie. of Himself). This Divine Air was not the
    oxygen we breathe. This is Air that preexisted everything on planet earth, including oxygen itself. This Air is
    called the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit. He is the Third Person of the Trinity of Holy
    God. Holy Spirit is a Supernatural Spirit Being, the totally Dynamic, Creative, all Wise, all Good, all Powerful
    and Omniscient Lifegiving Energy of God Who can manifest Himself into limitless natural and other
    supernatural forms, transcending all time, space, knowledge, laws and matter that are known to us mortal
    beings on planet earth.

    transforming from Human Being to Holy Being


    3. God’s Word + Spirit = Creative Power

    Genesis 1 (AMP 2017 version) reads: “In the beginning God (Elohim) created (by forming from nothing) the
    heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void or a waste and emptiness, and darkness was upon the
    face of the deep (primeval ocean that covered the unformed earth).” So there was no life, no light. “The Spirit
    of God was moving (hovering and brooding; mine: reminiscent of a butterfly hovering over the plant to see
    where she will lay her eggs) over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light”, and there was
    light.” When God spoke, out of His mouth came the Spirit of Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) with His words;
    four words to be exact: let there be light. Note that each of God’s Words did not need longwinded
    instruction, for in obedience to the command of God to “let there be” the innate Wisdom and Power of Holy
    Spirit directed the manifestation of each word into the most Perfect and Wisest forms possible. Selah!

    In those few moments, the Words of God were transformed by the Spirit of Almighty God into something of
    natural substance or form. All was created by Himself. He was in all and all was of Him. And because of this,
    all was Good, because all that is of God is innately Good. In this way, we see the Spirit of God by way of His
    Breath create and manifest the actual substance of God’s own faith in Himself, by which He had spoken
    those decrees. That is, God believed that what He spoke would come to pass by the Power of His own Spirit
    and Words and what was not, was! Selah! (Note: There are some who believe the world came into
    existence by a “Big Bang”. While the theory is wickedly blasphemous in its denial of a Creator God, the idea of
    God creating something Good and Orderly from something evil and disorderly with a massive blast of Holy
    Power by His own Word and Spirit is not too difficult to conceptualise if you understand the unlimited Power,
    Ability and Heart of Holy Spirit to create Perfect Order from chaos, Perfect Substance from nothing, Perfect
    Life from death, Perfect Light from darkness, Holiness from sin etc. Gods Power always triumphs in
    spectacular ways.)

    4. Living Word + Holy Spirit = Transcendent Power

    Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God. Jesus spoke the Word of God by the Power of Holy Spirit, and as a result,
    all darkness in the natural realm was supernaturally transformed to Life and Light. Jesus Himself fully believed
    (knew, understood, had certain faith) in the Divine, Dunamis Power that was produced when the Word of Father
    God was ignited by the Holy Spirit and imparted by the Compassionate, Holy Vessel of Jesus Christ.

    He had condescended Himself to come to earth as a mortal being in order to demonstrate this supernatural,
    transcendent Power to other mortal beings who, until that time, had been used to thinking of God as being
    separate and external to themselves. But as Paul preached, You were separated from Christ, alienated.But
    it is through Him that we..have a (direct) way of approach in one Spirit to the Father. (Ephesians 2: 12a, 18
    AMP Bible). And in John 16: 1315, Jesus promises: But when He, the Spirit of Truth, comes He will guide you
    into all the truth (full and complete Truth), For He will not speak on His own initiative, but He will speak
    whatever He hears (from the Father the message regarding the Son), and He will disclose to you what is to
    come (in the future). He will glorify and honour Me, because He (the Holy Spirit) will take from what is Mine
    and will disclose it to you. All things that the Father has are Mine. Because of this I said that He (the Spirit)
    will take from what is Mine and reveal it to you. HalleluYah!

    So, in the same way, we who believe in Christ are to believe as He did. That is, the spoken Word of God is
    supernaturally brought to Life and Power by the Holy Spirit of God when read, decreed and imparted by
    redeemed disciples of Christ. The salvation Power that is released to us by faith in the sacrificial Blood of the
    Lamb of God, and by the subsequent impartation of Holy Spirit, cleanses us from all unrighteousness, and
    enlivens and empowers the Word of God within and through us. Selah!

    Now, some may say at this, “Well, who do you think you are?! You’re not Jesus! That is blasphemous!” But
    aren’t these the very same accusations that the wicked Pharisees levelled at Jesus? By returning to earth after
    His resurrection, Jesus went out of His way to ensure that His followers would receive His parting Gift of the
    Holy Spirit, just as He had promised.

    The gifting of the Holy Spirit was in itself an action that proved to His followers that Jesus was indeed seated at
    the right hand of the Father, ordained as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords over all! In other words, the gift

    transforming from Human Being to Holy Being


    of the Holy Spirit was the tangible evidence that Jesus Christ Who He said He Was, and Is. Moreover, Jesus
    commissioned the disciples to go into all the earth and preach this very same Good News! The Good News is
    not just that Jesus came to earth as the Son of God, died on the Cross and rose again. His parting gift of His
    own Holy Spirit is a key part of the Good News of God.

    Jesus had also commissioned His followers to perform miraculous works in His Name BY THE POWER OF HIS
    HOLY SPIRIT. By the Power of Holy Spirit working in Jesus disciples, the powers of hell would be defeated on
    the earth. Jesus is the Light of the world Who came to take away all sin and darkness, and we have been
    commissioned to do likewise, in His image. And according to God’s Word, it was and still is up to Jesus’
    disciples to be busy doing this work until Jesus’ second return. The parable of the talents, spoken by Jesus in
    Matthew 25: 1430, speaks of the accountability of the masters servants to wisely use and multiply the
    talents (gifts and abilities) that were given to them to use during the master’s absence. It specifically refers to
    our accountability to Jesus upon His return of what we have done with His Gifts. Did we bury them? Or use
    and multiply them?

    5. Living by Faith = Living in Christ & His Spirit

    We are called to live by faith, by living in Christ rather than in our own natural strength. This faith is
    available to us by believing the Truth of Jesus’ words and in Who He said He Is. We clearly are also called to
    believe in, value and make good use of the help and Power of the Gift of His own Spirit. Jesus demonstrated
    that His Spirit is able to perform any supernatural thing through us that is in accordance with God’s Will and
    Word. Selah! God’s Word in the mouth of a disciple of Christ who is Spiritfilled contains the same type of
    Power that was released through the intersection of faith that occurred when God first said, “Let there be
    light, and by Jesus final, triumphant pronouncement on the Cross, It is finished! God’s Plan was completed
    IN FULL, meaning that all that was necessary to transform corrupt human flesh into Holy vessels of the Spirit of
    God was accomplished. Selah!

    Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1). Living by means
    that we live perpetually in the consciousness and understanding and desire for the will and words of God to be
    made manifest in our life by the Power of God’s own Spirit, Who abides within us. Faith without works is dead
    and lifeless, but so too are works without faith, for only faith that is infused by the Power of Gods Spirit is
    active and alive. A key purpose of Jesus coming to earth two thousand years ago was to “equip the saints for
    every Good and Perfect purpose of God.” This is our presentday assignment. Jesus assured His disciples that
    He would not leave them alone and forsaken when He returned to the Father; rather, He would leave a Helper
    (paraclete) with them, His own Holy Spirit, by Whose Power they would achieve “even greater things”.

    These greater things were to take place on planet earth in the time intervening between Jesus first and
    second comings, including now. But I believe that more than just accomplishing great works through the
    Glorious manifestation of supernatural signs, miracles and wonders in the natural realm, the greater work is
    also the supernatural transformation of human beings into holy beings from the inside out. In other words,
    we become the workmanship of God (Ephesians 2: 10) when we are transformed from one degree of glory
    into another, into sons and daughters of the Most High Living God, whilst still dwelling in mortal coils on planet

    For we are Gods workmanship (His own master work, a work of art), created in Christ Jesus (reborn from
    above spiritually transformed, renewed, ready to be used) for good works, which God prepared (for us)
    beforehand (taking paths which He set) so that we would walk in them (living the good life which He pre
    arranged and made ready for us). Ephesians 2: 10

    Selah! Did not Jehovah God call Himself Abba Father, and decree that we ourselves are His own adopted
    children, becoming ever like the image of His beloved Son, Jesus? As a child resembles his father, so too we
    must resemble Father God, but it is impossible for us to transform ourselves. In our own strength, we can do
    nothing. But with Gods Spirit, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Sinful human beings can be supernaturally
    transformed into holy vessels, carriers of the glory of God, by the work of Holy Spirit. Selah!

    transforming from Human Being to Holy Being


    6. Living Word + Spirit = Communion with God

    We know that there are three types of words of God: the Written Word (Holy Bible) is the inspired Word of
    Father God as revealed to mortal men; the Living Word is the Personified Word of God through Jesus, the Son
    of God; and the Rhema Word is the Word of the Father by the Holy Spirit. The Word of God is immortal, yet
    graciously shared as food and water with mortal beings on planet earth, so that we too may become

    Indeed, it is only by Holy Spirit that we can “taste and see the Goodness of God” ie. to understand and believe
    in His Written Word, to have a personal relationship with Jesus, the Living Word, and to receive and interpret
    the Rhema Word (which is God’s direct word to our spirit via the still small voice of the Holy Spirit). Whenever
    we partake of the immortal Word of God with the help, counsel and wisdom of Holy Spirit as our Divine
    conduit, we ourselves are transformed ever more into the immortal likeness of God. Without living in close
    communion with Holy Spirit, we lack the wisdom to stay in God’s will, moment by moment. Nor can we praise
    or pray directly to God’s heart. Holy Spirit is like receiving a piece of God’s own heart; through Him, we remain
    bonded and connected to the heart of Father God. Like an unborn baby is connected to his mother through
    the placental cord that supplies the baby with blood, oxygen and essential nutrients, so too Holy Spirit is our
    vital Lifeline to the Father and to Christ Jesus.

    Jesus, Who carried and operated out of the Spirit of God perpetually, taught about and demonstrated this
    reliance on Holy Spirit repeatedly during His Ministry on earth. Jesus didn’t raise people from death to life by
    natural means (such as mouthtomouth resuscitation or oxygen tanks to revive them). No, Jesus applied
    Spiritual First Aide by the Holy Spirit. Selah! Jesus manifested the power of Gods Spirit operating in the
    natural realm in order to teach us how to live in God.

    Jesus made Himself the first Red Cross donor to save us by the gift of His atoning Blood. Jesus’ second gift to
    save us was the gift of His own Holy Spirit, to live with us and through us every day from the time we first
    believed through all eternity. Jesus came in the flesh for those who were in the flesh, and perpetually
    demonstrated how to live in Union with the Father and Holy Spirit. After conquering all satanic power and
    resurrecting Himself, Jesus immediately set about imparting His Spirit into His followers, so that we too can
    become infilled with the Power and Wisdom of God, dressed in the heavenly garb of His Holy Spirit. This was
    prophesied in the Old Testament of the high priest Joshua who had been dressed in filthy garb but, under
    Jesus’ command, was washed and dressed in garments of white linen. This was a shadow picture of our
    salvation through Jesus Christ and the giving of His Spirit. We are washed clean of sin, then dressed in the
    pure Spirit of God. HalleluYah!

    Holy Spirit is the First Aid paramedic Who breathes Life into our decaying bodies, enabling our soul to live
    forever in communion with God. HalleluYah! Holy Spirit is also God’s mark of ownership in us. At the time of
    Jesus’ return, He will separate out the sheep (dressed in Holy White “woollies”) from the goats (dressed in
    dirty matted hair). Like Jacob separating out his sheep from Lot’s, so too the Lord will separate out His own
    from the unsaved according to the measure or ‘brand mark’ of Holy Spirit upon us. These are the ones who
    have chosen by faith to live in the example set by Jesus through full reliance on the power of God’s Own Spirit.

    The sheep are not those who simply believe in Jesus, for even Satan knows Who He Is. Nor are they those
    who believed and set about performing good works and even miracles in their own strength. Of these, Jesus
    will say, “Depart from Me. I never knew you.” No, the only distinguishing sign of a lamb of God is the measure
    of Holy Spirit within us, at the time of Jesus’ return or of our departure from this world. Are we filled with the
    Spirit? Are our oil lamps (bodies) filled to the brim with His oil? Or like the five virgins without sufficient oil,
    will we too be shut out of the marriage feast of the Lamb?

    7. Holy Spirit : The More Promised in the Latter Days

    Our Holy, Triune God is the Original Source and Sustainer of all life. The gift of Holy Spirit is received by means
    of faith in Jesus Christ as the Living Son of God Who died on the Cross of Calvary to erase our sins, and by

    transforming from Human Being to Holy Being


    virtue of His Victory over death as demonstrated by His Resurrection Power. He is more than willing and able
    to transform the sinful nature of man into a holy nature, and to overcome every power of darkness, including
    death, that would otherwise harm and destroy us.

    But like the kitchen appliance adds, there is more! You don’t want to walk away without the free steak knives
    do you? For surely the gift of Holy Spirit is the Divinely unparalleled ‘steak knife’ of Jesus’ ministry. We can
    believe on the Cross, believe in the Resurrection, but if we don’t also believe in the Pentecost that occurred
    forty days later, then we miss out on the most crucial bit.

    So when it was evening on that same day, the first day of the week, though the disciples were (meeting)
    behind barred doors for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them, and said, Peace to you. After
    He said this, He showed them His hands and His side. When the disciples saw the Lord, they were filled with
    great joy. Then Jesus said to them again, Peace to you: as the Father has sent Me, I also send you (as My
    representatives). And when He said this, He breathed on them and said to them, Receive the Holy Spirit.
    John 20: 1922, AMP Bible

    For all the rest happened in order that we humans could receive part of the heart of God, His Holy Spirit. And,
    as with any gift, the Divine Gift of Holy Spirit must be received and ‘opened’! It is by Jesus present of Holy
    Spirit that the Presence of God is revealed and released in our lives. Halleluyah! But Holy Spirit is shy of those
    who are halfhearted towards Him. He will not settle in and make Himself at home in your heart and body
    unless you are warm and welcoming towards Him. He will certainly not intrude into a situation unless you
    explicitly invite Him. As believers, we should be zealous and passionate in our love for Holy Spirit, for truly He
    is the very same Spirit of God Who lives in Jesus and God the Father.

    8. The Great Reveal of the Spirit

    The gift of Holy Spirit is a bit like a Russian babushka doll; we begin with a little, but over time, more and more
    of God’s Spirit and gifts are added unto us. Before we know it we are bearing fruit and carrying the light of
    God’s Word and testimony into the dark world around us. We cant stop singing praises to God in our heart
    and the highlight of every day is spending time with the Holy Spirit in exploring the treasuries of God’s Word
    together and allowing Him full expression, and Sovereignty in our everyday lives. Once Holy Spirit moves in,
    you are never alone. He is a constant loyal companion, funfilled loving friend and wise counsellor. And His
    Powers exceed our human imaginations for they are outside of the natural realm of human thinking or
    possibility. Without the help of the Holy Spirit, the natural human being cannot even conceptualise the super
    natural outworkings of Gods Spirit; in our fallen sinridden state, we remain blind to them even when they are
    right in front of our natural eyes.

    But when Holy Spirit walks into the heart of mortal beings, everything changes, for Good. Transformation
    happens from the inside out, and supernatural signs, miracles and wonders will naturally follow. This is “the
    new normal” for those who believe and have their being in God.

    9. The Greater Reality of God

    So we are given Holy Spirit when we believe that what was true and available for Jesus the Godman is also
    available to us, simply by humble faith in the Truth of the Promises of our Good Loving Triune God. Jesus
    identified Himself as “The Way, the Truth and the Life”. When we say we “believe in Him” we are taking Him
    at His Word, believing in all that He said of Himself, the Father and the Spirit. In identifying Himself as the
    “Living Word of God”, Jesus was acknowledging that He had come to speak the Word of God with the
    authority of the Father Who had sent Him, and by the Power of Holy Spirit, whilst living in the body of a mortal
    man. We are called to do likewise.

    Jesus Is the manifestation of Truth and Life.

    His every Word and Promise is 100% True, in fulfilment of past prophesies, being True in the moment, and
    prophetic of things to come all at the same time. Selah! Gods Word is rendered Active and Alive by the
    Power of Holy Spirit. The manifestation of Gods Word through Jesus is the very substance of Godly Reality

    transforming from Human Being to Holy Being


    and the essence of Truth. Anything that is not borne of Gods Word is, in fact, not True or Real at all. It is in
    fact the Supernatural that is True and Real, whilst all else is false and deceptive: an illusive form of reality that
    can seduce human beings and draw them away from the Truth and Reality of God.

    10. The Greater Life of God

    Jesus was also the manifestation of Life in abundance. When Jesus spoke a word over people, they were
    restored to greater wellness and Life, both in the natural and supernatural. The Light of God’s Spirit
    perpetually shone into hearts of darkness and those who were willing to receive Him were supernaturally
    transformed into lightbearers for His Glory. Jesus is still the same today. When we pray to God and Jesus
    speaks to us, He releases Divine Life and Supernatural Light into us. We are healed from all diseases and
    greater life and light are added to us by the Holy Spirit.

    11. The Greater Light of God

    When we read God’s Word and study it by the Light of our Holy Spiritfilled lantern, the same is true. The
    supernatural Life and Power of God’s Word is released into our being. We become light bearers and life
    bearers of the Spirit of God, Who Himself is Light and Life. Like Jesus, we become a “chip off the Old Block.”
    Our God is the Source of all Life and Light, so if we want these things we must “plug into” Him, just as we plug
    into a power socket with an electrical cord to switch on a light or heater. When we plug into God’s Word, He
    warms our soul, driving out the cold darkness of doubt, dread and despair, disease or death.

    12. The Power Cord of Life with God

    Our purpose is to reveal the greater things of God to others in these latter days, but we are fully dependent
    on the Holy Spirit to first reveal these things to us, to impart His Power and Wisdom through us to others.
    Much of the Wisdom of God comes from His written Word, read in the Light of the Divine Revelation of Holy
    Spirit. I sometimes think that we do not quite fully understand just how vital it is to our existence to stay
    plugged into God’s Word through the Holy Spirit “blood cord” (Power cord). We need Holy Spirit to help us
    when reading, meditating and studying Gods Word, to speak it, pray with it, and use it in praise. Of course,
    God’s Word is not really an “it”; for it is dynamic (full of dunamis power) and fully alive, by means of the Holy
    Spirit. Holy Spirit Power surges may shock you, or even put you in a trance or activate a vision or other super
    natural experience. At other times. we may enter into quiet still waters of comfort and rest. Whichever way
    the wind of Holy Spirit blows, we can always “expect the unexpected” when entering into joyful Recreation
    with the Spirit and Word of God.

    This is the Life in the life; the “life in abundance” promised to us by the Living Word of God. Natural life comes
    by way of oxygen and blood, but supernatural life comes by the “placental cord” of God’s Spirit. He is the free
    gift to all who are “born again”, by believing in the Promises of God as absolute Truth and in Jesus Christ as the
    only Way to the ultimate “Good Life” for all humanity.

    Just as a new human life must remain within the waters of the mother’s womb in order to grow and be
    transformed from a primitive cluster of cells to a fully formed and functional human being, so too we must live
    and have our being in the Living Water of God’s Word and Spirit. As a caterpillar is metamorphosised to a
    butterfly after a period of time in the chrysalis, so too we can only be transformed “from one degree of glory
    to another” into the very image of Christ Yeshua (or Yahshuach, as some might deem the Trinity), by spending
    time in God’s Word, where, like the caterpillar, we need to “eat and eat and eat”. According to one source,
    The job of the caterpillar is to eat and eat and eat. As the caterpillar grows it splits its skin and sheds it about
    4 or 5 times. Food eaten at this time is stored and used later as an adult.. Caterpillars can grow 100 times their
    size during this stage. When the caterpillar is fully grown and stops eating, it becomes a pupa, also called a
    chrysalis.. The pupa or chrysalis is protected inside by a cocoon of silk, and that stage can take weeks, months
    or up to two years. It may look like nothing is happening but big changes are happening inside.” The adult
    looks and behaves entirely differently, having the appearance and function of a butterfly and “being able to fly
    from place to place to find the right place to lay it’s eggs.” The lifespan of butterflies varies from one to two
    weeks to several months if they have hibernated for a time. (

    transforming from Human Being to Holy Being


    God never designed or destined human beings to die. He designed us for eternal life, in close loving
    relationship with Himself: Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And the only way to do that is by the
    supernatural Power of His own Holy Spirit. We were never meant to stay as mere mortal beings of flesh. We
    are Godbreathed beings, designed and destined to become Godbeings, supernaturally transformed into a
    supernatural being, like our Father Creator. This is the whole purpose of life here on planet earth: to
    transcend the natural realm in the supernatural process of being transformed from human being to holy being.
    This process requires radical transformation by the Spirit of God Who is Himself supernatural. Just as Jesus
    voluntarily gave up His flesh on the Cross of Calvary for the Higher Purposes of God, so too we must voluntarily
    die to self, to our natural fleshly desires, for the Greater Purpose of becoming transformed into the holy image
    of Christ Jesus.

    13. The Transcendent Power of Love

    Human beings have been given life here for the express purpose of being transformed from a human being to
    a holy being. We are to transcend above the lowly natural desires of the human flesh and soul, and to
    become supernatural beings of purity and holiness in the image of the God we love. We are transformed
    through the process of learning how to manifest the love and goodness of God here on planet earth. Each
    time we succeed in doing this, going against the natural grain of our flesh by the supernatural Power of the
    Holy Spirit, we are being “transformed from one degree of glory to another”, into the image of Christ Jesus our

    Recently I asked the Lord, “Why is it so important to You that we love the people who hurt us?” After all, the
    idea of loving someone who hurts you badly is totally counterintuitive to our natural way of thinking. It just
    doesn’t make sense! It is entirely natural and normal for us to want to do the opposite ie. to loathe and be
    fearfully avoidant of the source of our pain and suffering. But the Lord reminded me that the whole objective
    for human beings is not that we stay ‘stuck’ in our natural way of thinking and being. As Jesus demonstrated
    when He was taunted and hurt by His enemies, we are not to defend the flesh, or particularly, our human ego.
    Rather, we are to consider our natural self as worthless, and aspire instead to truly love those who hurt us,
    with the same agape love that God shows us. This is not human love, but the supernatural love of God.

    This type of supernatural, transcendent love is only available to us by first being empowered and enabled by
    the gift of God’s love, through humble, repentant faith in the Love of God demonstrated to us through the
    crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The selfless, sacrificial love of God, displayed by Christ Jesus
    through His shed Holy blood on the Cross, is the same love we are to show to others, including and especially
    those who hurt or persecute us. The Love of God is the Glory of God, so poignantly and beautifully displayed
    on the Cross. We are to be bearers, vessels, carriers of that same glorious, radiant Love of God in this world.
    When we aspire after this, rather than defending our natural self and ego, we demonstrate the transcendent
    Power of the Holy Spirit by Whom we live, breathe and have our being. By this, we are transformed from a
    corrupt human being of sinful flesh into a holy supernatural being of God’s glory. This is impossible for man to
    do alone by the strength of his own will or might, but entirely possible for God.

    Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamour (perpetual animosity, resentment, strife, faultfinding)
    and slander be put away from you, along with every kind of malice (all spitefulness, verbal abuse and
    malevolence). Be kind and helpful to one another, tenderhearted (compassionate, understanding),
    forgiving one another (readily and freely), just as God in Christ also forgave you. Ephesians 4: 3121

    Our love for all mankind is the supernatural expression of God’s love through us as surrendered vessels of His
    glory. Together with the faithful testimony of our lips to His wonderful, transforming Power, we show the
    world that we are no longer the same. Because we have submitted our will and our being to the Spirit of God,
    and He lives through us, we live as changed beings with a different heart, character, mind, responses,
    motives and purpose to other humans who live only for themselves and by their own will. Jesus said it would
    be by our love that they will know we are His disciples. As Paul reminded us in 1 Corinthians 13, if we try to
    exercise any gift from God without supernaturally inspired love, our efforts are in vain, becoming merely an
    annoyance and obstacle to unbelievers in desiring God. Love therefore is quintessential to anything we do in
    our Christian life. Love is the signature and fragrance of God. God’s Love is what causes others to view God

    transforming from Human Being to Holy Being


    and ourselves in a favourable light. When Jesus met the woman at the well and asked her to satisfy His natural
    thirst with water from the well, He was modelling what we must do in the supernatural ie. ask Him to outpour
    the Living Water of His Spirit into our dry, parched souls. We must ask, and keep asking, God for more of His
    supernatural gift of Love lest we dry up and become stony hearted.

    14. From Human to Holy

    Jesus came, died and lived again to demonstrate God’s Great Plan for us. ALL THAT JESUS TAUGHT AND DID
    when He lived on earth was a real life, ‘up close and personal’ demonstration of how life can be different for
    people if we possess the Life Force of God’s Spirit within us, in addition to oxygen. There is a natural life but
    Jesus ordained and commissioned us to walk in a supernatural way by His own Supernatural, Spiritual Power.
    His heart’s desire and life purpose was that all who believed in Him would understand the “greater” things of
    God that are freely available via the empowering gift of God’s own Holy Spirit. If we choose to believe, then
    His Spirit dwells within us to gradually transform, bit by bit, mere natural, sinful human beings of flesh into
    holy, supernatural beings, infilled and empowered by God’s own precious Spirit.

    Jesus was not saying, “Look at Me!” for the sake of attentionseeking or selfglorification although He was
    indeed worthy of both. Jesus was saying “Look to Me, listen with your ears and see with your own eyes how
    much better your new life can be when you are equipped from the inside out with the Holy Spirit of God!”
    With Jesus, we voluntarily nail our old sinful self to the Cross, we eat God’s Word and we eat God’s Word til
    satiated, then we crawl into the dark chrysalis of death to self until Holy Spirit has completed His work of
    splitting us over and over, removing the old scar tissues, reshaping us and doing the patient work of a total
    makeover to transform (what can feel like) every atom of our mortal being into an immortal vessel of His
    holiness. Then we reemerge into the Light of our new supernatural life with Christ’s Spirit aglow within us
    and the wind of Holy Spirit under our wings. Like the metamorphosised caterpillar to butterfly, we neither
    look, feel nor function in quite the same way ever after. The fat old caterpillar of our natural self is now thin
    and minimised, no longer holding us back with the weight of our old sinful doubts and selfish desires. Warmed
    and fuelled by the sun, the splendour of God’s Glorious Spirit are the wings by which we fly.

    15. The Real Super Power: Triune God

    In 1998 some of the world’s selfprofessed “smartest” and “most powerful” men began inventing the CERN
    Super Collider. They hoped to create the world’s largest and highest energy particle collider. These men
    evidently were hoping to pursue “greater things” than what is ordinarily available to us in the natural realm,
    trying to transcend natural laws of time and physics in the hope of discovering something better. But all they
    really need is Jesus Christ. CERN: Christ Eternally Rules Nature, and all that is natural. When the
    supernatural Power of Jesus collides with the faith of humble, believing people, we see supernatural things
    happen within and about us on planet earth, and beyond. It is only the limit of our faith that places limits on
    God. It has always been so and always thus will be.

    In this world, we see mortal men striving to become “superpowers” by virtue of their own might, wealth or
    strength. But God says this is folly. The more we try to seek adoration from men or to make ourselves gods,
    the further we fall away from the One True Living God and the more we disconnect ourselves from God’s
    Sovereign Power. God’s Word says we become ‘super powerful’, not by means of our own might or strength,
    but by God’s Spirit. If we would only believe!

    We need to understand that as a believer, our whole life is in God. Our whole life is in Him! “It is no longer I
    who live, but Christ Who lives in me”. Of course, Jesus does not live in us as a natural man, but by His
    Supernatural Spirit. If His Spirit is not living in and through us, then it is still I who live by means of my natural
    self (my own strength, power and worldly assets) and Christ does not live in me at all.

    When we live in Christ, He literally lives through us by His eternal supernatural Self ie. the Holy Spirit. In this
    way, two beings become one. Marriage in the natural is of course prophetic of our union with Christ. One
    human being plus one supernatural being this is Who Christ Was and Is. And it is Who we are in Him.

    Glenda Lattimore

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    • This topic was modified 5 months, 2 weeks ago by Ron McGatlin.
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